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Are you enjoying the long summer days? I appreciate getting outdoors and exploring new trails that lead to a spectacular vista or waterfall. Enjoying the journey to that destination, I might choose to take a familiar path or explore a new one. It’s always an adventure! Before stepping onto any trail, however, I have a plan and map. (And plenty of water.)

The same can be said about training and certification journeys. Learning is an adventure. Always have a plan. (And plenty of water!)

Here at the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT), we have a plan and a map for your next journey. In fact, we have 11 cloud role-based learning paths ready for cloud enthusiasts like you. Add on study tools like the IBM Cloud Prep web app, Cloud Study Jams, and assessment exams, and you have almost everything you need in your learning backpack. At ICCT, we have all you need to get your next Cloud certification. You just have to bring your own water.

How much certification is enough?

Cloud computing represents the most current adventure for most major enterprises. Are you sure that you or the professionals on your IT team have the skills to manage it?

Insights gained from a global IDC survey commissioned by IBM and Intel* show that the biggest business impact from cloud-related projects occurs when organizations have a large proportion of their IT project teams certified in cloud-related areas.

I invite you to learn more from Jani Byrne Saliga, Executive Learning Officer, ICCT, as she shares key findings from the study.

Read Jani’s blog.

Study where you learn best – take the IBM Cloud Prep web app with you

Continue your current journey. Explore a new path. Or do both!

Our free IBM Cloud Prep web app is your perfect study companion as you prepare for your cloud certification exam. Trek through the app flashcards, detailed study guides, and practice quizzes.

Access the IBM Cloud Prep web app at your desk or on the go.  No need to download!

Explore a new path – IBM Cloud Satellite training and certification

Curious what IBM Cloud Satellite is? Learn how to deploy and run applications across on-premises, edge computing, and public cloud environments. In this new 20-minute episode of Expert TV, Donna Ure, Dave Tropeano, and I discuss the importance of IBM Cloud Satellite, how it can benefit businesses, and the new curriculum and certification.

Discover why you and your cloud team will want to earn the new IBM Cloud Satellite specialty certification.

Watch ExpertTV or listen to ExpertRadio on Spotify.

Be inspired to learn more, do more – Introducing Amplify | Voices of the ICCT

At the IBM Center for Cloud Training(ICCT), we are fortunate to have a global view of how role-based training and certifications are impacting careers and cloud team outcomes.

ICCT, now in its second year, has developed an abundant portfolio of blogs, points of view, videos, podcasts, research, and success stories. Our speakers and writers are learners, leaders, and cloud enthusiasts.

Learn more, do more. See how others have managed challenges and detours on their path.

Visit Amplify, Voices of the IBM Center for Cloud Training.

ICYMI: June Study Jam session replays for Cloud Advocate and Cloud for Financial Services

Get the training you need to prepare for the IBM Cloud Advocate and IBM Cloud for Financial Services Specialty certification exams.

Access the replays and presentations: IBM Cloud Advocate Study Jam and IBM Cloud for Financial Services Specialty Study Jam.

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*Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by IBM and Intel, The Impact of Certification on Cloud Outcomes, doc #US49087522, June 2022

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