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What does Cloud learning look like to you? At IBM, we’ve got you covered.

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What’s your learning style?

Studies show that some learners prefer an in-depth, solo learning experience, taking one course at a time. Meanwhile, others thrive on social interaction such as intense, short-term study sessions with like-minded learners.

Still, others look for a hybrid training solution – a mix of instructor-led training blended with digital self-study.

All these approaches are valid. Choose the right one for you to get you where you want to go. Which is why the award-winning IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) offers them all.

IBM Center for Cloud Training covers cloud comprehensively — and all the ways you learn

From introductory, foundational certifications to more intense, specialty training, ICCT offers the technical skill training and knowledge you need to succeed.

And regardless of the professional level you are seeking, ICCT delivers our learning and certification programs the way you want them. Certification study guides? Check. Learning communities? Check. Digital online courses? Check. Virtual or in-person training? Double check. You name it – ICCT can meet your learning style.

Study Jam gives you an innovative opportunity to learn

One of the most innovative and effective learning tools ICCT offers is a study jam – an in-depth, online event filled with seminars, one-on-one answer sessions with IBM experts, videos, flashcards, a dedicated Slack study channel, and more!

If this sounds to you like a great way to learn, we agree. And this week, you’re in luck!

ICCT is offering its study jam for the IBM Cloud Architect Professional Certification February 22-25, 2022. Classes run four hours each day, 11:00 AM — 3:00 PM EST. Learn more and register for the Study Jam.

And if you miss it this week, don’t worry. You can participate after the fact with the IBM Cloud Architect Study Jam On-Demand.

A complete curriculum of cloud offerings

Take a closer look. Try one!

  • IBM Cloud Advocate
    Build your foundation in all things cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Technical Advocate
    Start here for training – and certification – for all technical roles. Learn how to discuss and use IBM Cloud to solve business and technology transformation challenges.
  • IBM Cloud Professional Architect
    Gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin a career as an IBM Cloud Professional Architect and to prepare for the IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud certification.
  • IBM Cloud Professional Developer
    Expand your career and deepen your skills as an IBM Cloud Developer and prepare for the IBM Certified Professional Developer – Cloud certification.
  • IBM Cloud Associate Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
    From incident management to monitoring, troubleshooting, operations, deployments, and security and compliance, this program can help you gain greater security for your cloud-based workloads.
  • IBM Cloud Professional Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
    Build the skills and knowledge required to work as a Site Reliability Engineer, using IBM Cloud environments and tools. Renew your operations, software engineering and systems administration skills; and learn the monitoring and incident management tools needed to manage enterprise workloads in IBM Cloud environments.
  • Specialty: IBM Cloud for Financial Services
    Understand how to host mission-critical applications in the cloud with confidence and learn important topics like compliance reporting, service level agreements, and implementation considerations.
  • Specialty: IBM Cloud Satellite
    Learn how to use IBM Cloud Satellite to deploy and run apps consistently across on-premises, edge computing, and in any cloud environment.
  • Specialty: IBM Cloud Security Engineer
    Help defend your organization’s security posture. The IBM Cloud Security Engineer certification prepares you to anticipate threats and maintain your organization’s security environment.

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Never stop learning

IBM Center for Cloud Training helps you move your career forward. Check out all of the certifications available to you and start your certification journey today.

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