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Now is the time to take your cloud skills to the next level.

In an industry with market demand projected to hit one trillion USD within the next five years (per ReportLinker, October 2021), the need for cloud professionals is high. So, as more are trained and certified in cloud, the better are the opportunities – for you and your organization alike.

Clearly, all cloud enthusiasts will want to invest in their future success. And for experienced cloud professionals, especially cloud architects, now is the ideal time to advance their careers by refreshing their skills with credential-building education.

So, where do you begin?

From introductory courses to more intense training, the award-winning IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) has a learning path for you.

ICCT delivers learning and certification programs the way you want them – with certification study guides, intensive Study Jams, learning communities, digital online courses, hands-on lab learning and more.

But don’t just listen to us. Hear from those who have earned an IBM Cloud certification.

Meet Maria, IBM Cloud Certified Professional Architect

As customer success manager, Maria works to discover client objectives and help clients succeed. But she wanted to have deeper conversations with customers and deeper knowledge of the full IBM cloud portfolio and capabilities.

Maria has a master’s degree in software engineering and an undergraduate degree in computer science, and she built her career in technical support.  Still, she sees the value in building her skills and staying up to date with cloud technologies.

Maria studied with ICCT and earned her IBM Cloud Professional Architect Certification on her first try.

As a result of the training and certification from ICCT, Maria can go deeper. She knows what capabilities customers want and what IBM offers.

Listen to Maria’s ICCT certification journey on Spotify, Expert Radio.

Meet James, IBM Cloud Certified Advanced Architect

James recently shared a blog in New Stack, building the case for certification. He wrote that certification is a way to provide independent proof of a practitioner’s level of knowledge, skills and competence.

Even with years of cloud experience and projects that demonstrate his experience, James knows that companies want assurances that his cloud knowledge is both deep and credible. Showing IBM Cloud certifications has been useful — and he believes they have given him an edge over others.

Read James’ blog, Will Cloud Certification Help an Experienced IT Architect?

What’s next for your success story?

You may have noticed that both Maria’s podcast and James’ blog mentioned the IBM Cloud Professional Architect Study Jam.

This is one of the most innovative and effective learning tools ICCT offers – an in-depth, online event filled with seminars, sessions with IBM experts, videos, flashcards, a dedicated Slack study channel, and more.

And the good news is that our February Study Jam is still available on demand.

Register and get started with the IBM Cloud Professional Architect Study Jam On-Demand.

New! Announcing IBM Cloud Advanced Architect certification

If you are a cloud architect with three or more years of experience, you now can gain enhanced skills and knowledge to advance your career.

The new IBM Cloud Advanced Architect curriculum and certification reflect the latest technologies and best practices for IBM Cloud architecture with a deep level of training and an increased number of learning scenarios and hands-on labs over 15 hours of interactive content.  IBM Cloud Professional Architect certification is a prerequisite for this curriculum.

Q2 Preview:  IBM Cloud DevSecOps

IBM Center for Cloud Training will introduce its DevSecOps curriculum and certification soon! Bookmark this ICCT page for current and future releases.

Never stop learning

IBM Center for Cloud Training helps you move your career forward. Check out all of the certifications available to you and start your certification journey today.

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