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Summer is here!

It’s the perfect time to connect with family, friends, and neighbors. And it’s the perfect time to get outside, read, and explore. That means dinners, concerts, art fairs, food festivals, and farmers markets.

While you fill these long days with activities, check out some new tools and resources from the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) to help you learn and prep for your next certification exam — on-the-go and with the help of the IBM Cloud community.


Learn on-the-go — the new IBM Cloud Prep web app

Learning is fun…but test prep, not so much. Now there’s a new, free IBM Cloud Prep web app from ICCT. IBM Cloud Prep is your perfect study companion as you prepare for your cloud certification exam.

This all-in-one, study on-the-go resource makes test prep easy. Learners can take advantage of flashcards, detailed study guides, and practice quizzes. You’ll even be able to save the items you want to review again, including those challenging quiz questions!

No need to download! Access the IBM Cloud Prep web app.


Learn with the community — check out these recent Study Jam replays

Our live June Study Jam sessions may be over, but the learning lives on!

Study Jams are one of the most innovative and effective learning tools ICCT offers — in-depth, online events filled with seminars, sessions with IBM experts, videos, and more, condensed into two hours a day over two days — to help you prepare for certification exams.

Get the training you need to prepare for the IBM Cloud Advocate and IBM Cloud for Financial Services Specialty certification exams.

Access the replays and presentations: IBM Cloud Advocate Study Jam and IBM Cloud for Financial Services Specialty Study Jam.


Need inspiration? Read how one busy IBMer completed four certifications in two months

Meet Yair Shaked, a Cloud Lead Architect at IBM in Israel.

It all started when he received an email with the challenge: “So You Think You Know Cloud?” Yair knew cloud, but he wanted to know more, so he could help his clients as they move their workloads to the IBM public cloud for application modernization.

Through pretesting, learning, and keeping detailed notes in his trusty notebook, Yair hit upon a winning combination.

Read Yair’s learning journey and how he achieved four cloud certifications in two months.


Cloud certifications add value to your projects!

Recent research by IDC shows that IT teams show greater improvements working in cloud computing environments when the team is fully certified.

Check out the infographic and read the report.


ICCT wins international LearningElite award

Incredibly excited to share that we have received the Chief Learning Officer 2022 LearningElite Award. Honored to be part of this IBM Center for Cloud Training team recognized for its exemplary development strategies, outstanding achievement in learning, and innovation. I invite you to learn more about our LearningElite award.


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