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Let’s Create your Future at the IBM Center for Cloud Training

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Let’s create something that changes everything.

And we did.

This week, the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) introduced two new cloud training initiatives to advance your career.

  • Free role-based Cloud training
    Beginning April 12, all of our role-based cloud training courses are available at no charge. Discover role-based training for Cloud Architects, Cloud Developers, Cloud Site Reliability Engineers, and specialties in Security, Financial Services, Satellite, with more on the way. This free learning will help you prepare for your certification exam.
  • ICCT Faces – Success stories
    Once certified, you will be able to get recognized on the ICCT website. Stay tuned for details on how to qualify.


IBM Center for Cloud Training, moving your career forward

IBM Center for Cloud Training is an outstanding way to develop skills for the most in-demand positions in cloud.

From introductory, foundational courses to more intense, specialty training, the award-winning IBM Center for Cloud Training has a learning path for you.

ICCT delivers learning and certification programs the way you want them—with certification study guides, intensive Study Jams, learning communities, digital online courses, hands-on learning labs and more.

A complete curriculum

Try one.

Never stop learning

IBM Center for Cloud Training helps you move your career forward. Check out all of the certifications available to you and start your certification journey today.


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