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Thrive in the Cloud and Go Beyond What Everyone Else is Doing

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For a rapidly growing number of companies and computing professionals, the cloud is the place to be. And IBM can help you get there.

The award-winning IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) provides hands-on lab learning experiences as well as industry-recognized, role-based professional certifications to deliver the essential skills you need to thrive in the cloud.


Go beyond what everyone else is doing

We asked several professionals who recently completed IBM Cloud courses and earned one of the IBM Cloud role-based certifications: Why?  Here are some of their answers:

  • Go beyond what everyone else is doing
  • Stay current, stay relevant
  • Build skills, gain a better perspective to get that next assignment
  • Start working on cloud projects immediately
  • Adapt to change, get out of my comfort zone to become a better leader

Clearly, with IBM Cloud certifications, professionals are achieving both individual and organizational goals. You can, too.

So, where do you begin? From introductory courses to more intense training, the award-winning IBM Center for Cloud Training has a learning path for you.

Follow the paths.


New to Cloud? Meet IBM Cloud Advocate Training

Discover how to make the most of IBM Cloud with our no-cost foundational course. It’s a great way to get up to speed on cloud basics and real-world applications. And while you’re here, be sure to check out IBM Cloud Technical Advocate training, too.

Get started.


New in November! Cloud Professional Developer Certification v5

As cloud technologies evolve, you can count on the ICCT to help you stay up to date. IBM Cloud Professional Developer curriculum certification v5 incorporates the latest technologies and best practices into an interactive curriculum. Updates include the expansion of the number of hands-on labs, featuring six new databases.

Learn more.


Currently enrolled in v4? If you’ve completed 60 percent or more of the curriculum, take the certification exam before this version sunsets on 31 December.

Get certified.


Available Now! IBM Cloud Professional Architect, Version 5

Evolve your skills with the latest IBM Cloud Professional Architect certification. Learn about updates for networking, security, and cloud storage.

Read more.


New! Cloud Satellite Specialty Certification

Certify in Cloud Satellite and help your organization launch consistent cloud services anywhere, on any cloud, on premises and at the edge with speed and simplicity, while addressing security, latency, complexity, and compliance issues.  Prerequisite required (such as Cloud Advocate).

Learn more.


New! Financial Services Specialty Certification

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to build trust and enable a transparent public cloud ecosystem with the specific features for security, compliance, and resiliency that financial institutions require. With the ICCT Financial Services Specialty Certification, you’ll understand how to host mission-critical applications in the cloud with confidence and learn important topics like compliance reporting, service level agreements, and implementation considerations.

Explore more.

Get started.


Coming in Q1: DevSecOps, Security and Advanced Architect

IBM Center for Cloud Training will introduce three new learning paths—DevSecOps, Security, and Advanced Architect—starting in Q1 2022. Bookmark this page for current and future releases.

Watch this space.



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IBM Cloud Role-Based Certifications

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