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Role-based cloud courses are sold by GTPs

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Role-based learning subscription

IBM now offers new role-based cloud courses by subscription. We are already selling product focused Digital Learning Subscriptions for a while. You can get an overview of all of them on the IBM Marketplace. Now, this new subscription enables access to a role-based curriculum around IBM Cloud. This includes updates for a 12-month period. You can buy individual and discounted Enterprise Learning Subscriptions.

Cloud Based Training

Which roles exist?

Currently, we have an Architect, Developer and Site Reliability Engineer role. For each of them, there are multiple levels. The levels start with Associate level, followed by Professional and finally the Advanced level.  Furthermore, the learning for the Associate Level of Cloud Solution Advisor can be accessed free of charge. It gives a good overview of the learning and lays the foundation. In addition, a voluntary Certification Exam is available to complete the Learning Path, which is designed to validate your skills and capability to perform role-related tasks. The achievement of an IBM certification demonstrates to your colleagues your expertise in the related IBM technologies and solutions.

How to get access

Up till now, role-based learning subscriptions could be ordered from IBM Sellers, IBM Business Partners, IBM Center for Cloud Training, and Marketplace of IBM. From now on, you can also buy Role-Based Cloud Courses by contacting one of our Global Training Providers. They are available in most countries worldwide to support our clients locally.

So, in total you now have 5 options to purchase the role-based learning subscriptions:

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