Program Director, Learning Strategy & Credentials

By Alexander Ziegler on 19 October 2023

Announcing the new IBM Learning Subscription

The team at IBM Learning is pleased to announce the launch of the refined IBM Learning Subscription. The new subscription offerings represent a significant advancement in the commitment of IBM Learning to empowering professionals with comprehensive IBM technology knowledge. This new iteration incorporates valuable insights from clients and introduces pivotal changes to elevate your learning […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 16 June 2023

New Name – Same Content

You may have noticed that our blog and newsletter have undergone a name change from “Training & Skills” to “IBM Learning.” This rebranding effort is purely a renaming, and it does not alter the core essence of our content, team, or our commitment to delivering high-quality learning experiences to our Clients, Partners, and IBMers. The […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 7 June 2023

Trends in Agile

I was invited to speak at DHL’s Agile Day 2023 earlier this year, where I discussed the latest trends in Agility. Although Agile is not a new topic, I feel it could be interesting to cover some basic concepts as well as new trends in a blog post. Whether you’re new to Agile methodologies or […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 24 March 2023

IBM’s credentials strategy

Overview IBM is one of the leading companies in the IT industry and IBMs credentials strategy has been incredibly successful in the market. By offering a range of high-value badges that recognize a variety of skills and achievements we have been able to position ourselves as a leader in the industry and attract top talent. […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 17 February 2023

Skills and Product Adoption

Product Adoption In today’s fast-paced world, having the right skills is essential to success. As the job market evolves and new technologies emerge, it’s crucial that individuals continuously develop and enhance their skills. This is especially true when it comes to product adoption. I would like to outline in this Blog some facts about how […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 8 February 2023


#WeAreMainframe I saw the #WeAreMainframe hashtag on mainframe social media recently and I wanted to find out more. It is used by Interskill Learning. I reached out to Interskill CEO Darren Surch to ask the story behind the hashtag. Darren explained that Interskill uses the #WeAreMainframe hashtag. From his point of view Interskill is so […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 24 January 2023

IBM’s Global Training Partners are Top!

Quality of Education People have lots of opinions about what quality is. IBM uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) in many areas to judge the quality of a product or service but there are also other indicators like Awards etc. This blog is about the quality of our Global Training Providers and the question of if […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 19 September 2022

What eLearning users expect

I blogged earlier this year about expectations from learners around eLearning. At that time I presented a preview of a larger piece of research. I still think it is impressive to see that learners want to spend up to an hour on learning. In this blog I will be providing more information on this research. […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 29 June 2022

IBM wins Learning Impact Awards 2022

IBM wins Learning Impact Award The IMS Global Learning Consortium issues their Learning Impact Awards every year. As mentioned on their web page: “At the core of the Learning Impact Awards competition is IMS Global’s Learning Impact Trend framework of education technology project categories, which has evolved over the years as new trends emerge and […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 24 May 2022

How long do learners expect eLearning to be?

Overview eLearning can be just as effective as instructor lead training if it is done well although some people may argue with this statement. Researchers like Derouin (2005) and Paul (2014) and others have already confirmed this years ago with academic research. The key is that eLearning needs to be well-executed but there is not […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 17 May 2022

Trends in Certification

This blog focuses on an upwards trend we are experiencing in IT Certification. I already blogged about the number of badges going up. I received positive feedback and people agree. Badges are a new and interesting approach in our industry. Given the positive momentum for badges, some have questions whether certifications are still relevant.  We […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 22 April 2022

Badges are growing fast

Badges According to Wikipedia credentials are pieces of any document that details a qualification, competence, or authority.  It is issued to an individual by a third party with a relevant or de facto authority or assumed competence to do so. Many professionals in the IT space are demonstrating their competencies with certification or other tests […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 14 April 2022

NPS and Badges in IBM

Badges and IBM IBMs Badge program won industry awards right from the start. A significant percentage of all digital credentials issued are originating from IBM and its ecosystem. These are not just related to IBM technology but also for key areas like design thinking and agile. Credentials are driving skills and this is successful so […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 31 August 2021

Getting to Know Our Training Partners – Tech Data

IBM Training have teamed up with 7 Training Partners to provide and deliver training to our Clients and Business Partners across the world. In a new Blog series, we will be getting to know each of these partners over the coming months. The first in this series is Tech Data. IBM’s largest Global Training Partner […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 23 June 2021

Show what you know! Learners can earn skill badges for all IBM courses on edX

Today, IBM and edX launched skill badges for all IBM courses on edX.  Learners developing their skills in AI, cloud, cybersecurity, data science, mainframe – working to advance their careers or start a new one – have another tangible proof point of the knowledge they gain in an IBM course on edX.  Learners who successfully […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 11 May 2021

LearnQuest wins Global Training Excellence Award

IBM Business Partners continue to be the bright spots in our ever-changing world and the Awards programs help us to recognise our partners where they create outstanding solutions, using IBM products and services that have real impact and help make our world a better place. The IBM Excellence Awards recognize IBM Business Partners that deliver […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 14 April 2021

Introducing IBM skill badges on edX

IBM skills are recognized and valued around the world. IBM skill badges on edX are detailed, verifiable, and digital credentials that profile the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in your course. Badges can be easily shared on your professional profiles and are a great way to let your networks know your latest skills and capabilities. […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 12 January 2021

New! IBM Learning Subscription with Red Hat Learning Services

How the new IBM Learning Subscription with Red Hat can help you Skills directly impact ROI (Return on Investment), and yet 59% of organizations do not have the skills they need. With the right training and skills, your organization can quickly respond to challenges, pursue emerging opportunities and accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies.   […]

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