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Announcing the new IBM Learning Subscription

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The team at IBM Learning is pleased to announce the launch of the refined IBM Learning Subscription. The new subscription offerings represent a significant advancement in the commitment of IBM Learning to empowering professionals with comprehensive IBM technology knowledge. This new iteration incorporates valuable insights from clients and introduces pivotal changes to elevate your learning experience.

Certification inclusion: The first enhancement involves the integration of certification vouchers, customized to your primary product focus. This feature allows you not only to access the extensive IBM e-learning resources but also to validate your proficiency with official certifications upon successful course completion.

Modernized interface: A modern interface, meticulously crafted based on exhaustive research and global learner feedback, now facilitates seamless navigation of IBM Learning resources. This redesign enhances usability and accessibility.

Expanded content repository: Most notably, the new options broaden the scope of content within your subscription. The IBM Learning Subscription offers universal access to an extensive library of resources spanning the entire spectrum of IBM technologies. This consolidation ensures that your single subscription serves as a comprehensive resource hub for all your IBM-related skill acquisition needs.

For an in-depth understanding of these updates and to explore the full array of features offered by our IBM Learning Subscription, kindly visit Elevate your IBM technology proficiency with IBM Learning and embark on a transformative learning journey. By using the discount code SAVE15NOW during the checkout at IBM Marketplace you can save 15% (this offer is only valid on IBM Marketplace and only until end of December 2023).

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