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NPS and Badges in IBM

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Badges and IBM

IBMs Badge program won industry awards right from the start. A significant percentage of all digital credentials issued are originating from IBM and its ecosystem. These are not just related to IBM technology but also for key areas like design thinking and agile. Credentials are driving skills and this is successful so why do we need to send out Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and why do we appreciate all feedback you give to us? From my point of view, it is key that even if you have a great success that you still try to improve and evolve and this is what we continually want to do. This article explains some background which will hopefully encourage you to fill out NPS surveys going forward and allow us to continue to evolve our program as we did in the past .

Net Promoter Score

Created by Reichheld, the basic Net Promoter Score (NPS) is as follows: “On a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest, what’s the likelihood that you would recommend us (our company) to a friend or colleague?”. There is a vast range of academic research that details both the positive impacts and practicalities of net promoter scores. This includes certain situations where it would not be applicable. There is also some confusion in the industry. It was created by articles, that are only looking at the research highlighting the challenges and concluding NPS is not working. For most of the companies using net promoter score like IBM, there is always an additional question asked giving insight s to the ‘why’ behind the pure number. And researchers and practitioners showed that this is key. Every business requires a trigger. And NPS in this context is an excellent trigger for us together with the feedback of our clients.

NPS and Badges

What does this have to do with IBM badges? We launched the program in 2017 and had amazing NPS results. To stay ahead, we decided to regularly consult badge owners to provide us with NPS data and comments. The diagram shows below that this has worked. It is not enough to have success in today’s industry, you also need a strategy to continually improve.

Even with the great improvement shown in the graph, we continue to search for improvements. Despite increased scores, we still get comments such as :

  • “The quality level of the content wasn’t as high as I expected” or
  • “Quality of test questions are embarrassing”

These comments help us to continue the journey.

For you, this means you’ll see our program continuually evolve and improve even on a high level.


I want to close this blog with a request to everyone……  Please always take 2 minutes to fill out an NPS survey when you have the opportunity. We continually act on your comments and you are helping the whole credential community. Thanks!

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