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By Andrew McCarl on 26 March 2024

Seeking Insights: What Motivates Experts to Pursue Professional Certification?

Are you a certified professional or considering certification in your field? We want to hear from you! Take part in our brief survey aimed at uncovering the driving forces behind experts’ decisions to pursue professional certification. Your valuable insights will contribute to a better understanding of motivations in the professional certification landscape. Why Participate? […]

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By Nicole Borowski on 19 December 2023

IBM Training Gets a Makeover

The IBM Training site is in the process of a major overhaul to simplify and modernize the experience for learners. Some of the key goals:   Update our design standards to Carbon 11 Simplify our start training experience to reduce the number of site pages and create a more dynamic experience (showing catalog lifecycle more […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 16 June 2023

New Name – Same Content

You may have noticed that our blog and newsletter have undergone a name change from “Training & Skills” to “IBM Learning.” This rebranding effort is purely a renaming, and it does not alter the core essence of our content, team, or our commitment to delivering high-quality learning experiences to our Clients, Partners, and IBMers. The […]

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By Eric Lange on 25 July 2022

Delighting digital learners with IBM’s focus on design

Over the past few months, the IBM Training team has been busy updating the Digital Learning Platform (DLP) to provide an updated look and feel. It now aligns with the Carbon Design System that is implemented throughout IBM’s website, products, and more. Carbon is an open system that is modular and flexible, and its components […]

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By Natalie Brooks Powell on 11 April 2022

Let’s Create your Future at the IBM Center for Cloud Training

  Let’s create something that changes everything. And we did. This week, the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) introduced two new cloud training initiatives to advance your career. Free role-based Cloud training Beginning April 12, all of our role-based cloud training courses are available at no charge. Discover role-based training for Cloud Architects, Cloud […]

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By Wendy Thomas on 22 March 2022

New IBM Maximo Digital Learning Subscription Now Available

Learning a complex system like IBM Maximo Application Suite is not easy, there are many interconnected functional areas that need to be understood and explored. The new IBM Maximo Digital Learning Subscription gives you access to a catalog of material and live labs so you can become a Maximo Master!  We’re going to be releasing lots […]

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By Meg Petersen on 16 June 2021

Curation Isn’t Just For Museums

We all spend too much time hunting around for information and just the right courses. Content curation is all about identifying the most relevant information and learning content for a specific group or target audience, contextualizing and organizing so it is easy to consume. IBM has worked hard to curate relevant content and to decrease the […]

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