Meg Petersen

By Meg Petersen on 16 June 2021

Curation Isn’t Just For Museums

We all spend too much time hunting around for information and just the right courses. Content curation is all about identifying the most relevant information and learning content for a specific group or target audience, contextualizing and organizing so it is easy to consume. IBM has worked hard to curate relevant content and to decrease the […]

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By Meg Petersen on 9 December 2019

Engaging Today’s Modern Learner

At IBM we work hard responding to today’s modern learners who want their learning personalized, engaging and just in time. Flexibility in how they learn, where they learn and when they learn has become increasingly important – learning from SMEs, co-workers or peers rather than traditional instructors only. Learners want and expect their learning to […]

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By Meg Petersen on 22 February 2017

Design Thinking Workshop Looks to Explore Growth Opportunities for Clients’ Skills Development

Design Thinking is not just used in the design of our products at IBM, it’s a methodology used to solve problems, understand our users and markets and explore new ideas. On February 13, the IBM Training and Skills team held an abbreviated Design Thinking session with our Global Training Providers (GTPs) to understand the changing […]

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By Meg Petersen on 5 August 2016

New zSystems Learning Journey Now Available!

Learning Journeys are designed to easily navigate and recommend training to our clients. Released this month is the IBM z Systems Learning Journey. From new hires to advance solutions, the z Systems Learning Journeys help lead students to the courses they need. Categories include z/OS, LinuxONE, z/VM, Sysplex, Security, and Networking.  No matter what your […]

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