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IBM wins Learning Impact Awards 2022

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IBM wins Learning Impact Award

The IMS Global Learning Consortium issues their Learning Impact Awards every year. As mentioned on their web page:

“At the core of the Learning Impact Awards competition is IMS Global’s Learning Impact Trend framework of education technology project categories, which has evolved over the years as new trends emerge and others obsolesce. This framework is a leading indicator of emerging education technology trends, offering planning guidance for education institutions. It’s based on the innovative, impactful entries brought forward at each Learning Impact Awards competition.” 

… and this year IBM has won the Learning Impact Award Bronze.


IBM’s Contribution: BadgeMe wins the Bronze Award

The IBM HR Digital Badge Programs’ main goal is to deepen strategic skills across our workforce.

To achieve this, all skill & certification level badges must include a skill demonstration component, where skill demonstration is reviewed by an IBM subject matter expert. IBM needed a solution – one that we could scale to support our very large organization. IBM’s application workflow solution is BadgeMe, enabling thousands of employees to provide skill demonstration evidence via a customized application built “self-serve” by IBM badge issuers.

The IMS Global Learning Consortium web page shows further details. You can read more about this solution, take a look at the video and find much more information on this and other award winners on the Award Web Page.

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