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What eLearning users expect

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What learners expect

I blogged earlier this year already about expectations from learners around eLearning. At that time I presented a preview of a larger research. I still think it is impressive to see that learners want to spend something around one-hour learning. This blog is now adding more details about the research.

What learners expect

In summary, there are five different areas of expectations. First of all the length, and users expect it to be 15 minutes to 1h.

The second statement is that learning should be in general immediate when it is needed. Learners expect learning upfront for topics they need to understand separate from using a product. But what is needed while using a product should be ad-hoc and immediate.

In addition to this, there is a request for AI to personalize the experience. The learners mentioned especially that they want to have recommendations based on the usage of others. This reminds me of how we all use navigation systems to provide us with online data about other drivers. They do nothing else than tell us how others are driving at the moment and where there are traffic jams. Why can’t eLearning do the same?

Furthermore, learners would also love to have their experience matched to their experience. This is of course more complex than the simple idea of “tell me what others learned”, but most reading apps today are able to tell me what I should read based on my reading history. This may not be perfect, but why should not eLearning be at least similar intelligent? And imagine profiles of users could add to this experience.

And last but not least users of eLearning also ask for a link between industry and academia: There is a clear request to receive academic credits based on industry learning. This finding confirms all the pilot projects and local implementations that were already done between industry and the academic world. But it also requests this to be more generic.


If you’re now curious you can access the full research here (if you can’t access it please ping me).

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