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4 Advantages of Assessment Tests

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When preparing for a test you always want to make sure you have all the right study tools. When studying for IBM Certification Exams we provide a few options for studying: Objectives, Study Guides, Sample Questions, and Assessment Tests. We have assembled a list of the advantages of taking an Assessment Test before your Exam.

  1. Get Familiar with the Test Format: Get a feel for the layout of the questions and the system from home. When you arrive at the test center for your Exam you won’t have to waste any time familiarizing yourself with the testing application.
  2. Get in the Testing Mindset: If you haven’t taken an exam or test in a long time you may want to get comfortable with recalling information, make sure your study habits are helpful, and completing questions on a time limit.
  3. Take an Authorized Practice Test: Assessment Tests will be set up in a similar way (Multiple Choice) with similar content. It’s just like taking the test before the real Exam. Make sure your studying is leading in the right direction.
  4. Prepare for the Real Test: Certification Exams are a great investment, but they can be expensive. Assessment Tests are inexpensive (approx. $30 USD) and are a great indicator that you are ready to take on the Certification Exam.

No matter what you want to be prepared for your exam, and Assessment Tests are a great tool for you to use.

Promotion: 50% off Assessment Tests

IBM is pleased to announce a special Promotion on select Certification Assessment Tests. This Promotion provides access to these assessment tests at a 50% discount (i.e. $15 in the US). This promotion is applicable for assessment tests in the following areas:

  • IBM Analytics: Platform Analytics
  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Systems: Storage Systems

This Promotion is available until Feb 28th, 2017. For more information and the Promo Code please visit this page.

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