Special guest Damien Fitzpatrick on the Ephox Editor for IBM Connections – Customers can download it now!

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IBM Connections is proud to offer our customers an alternative rich text editing experience through our innovative partner, Ephox. Ephox’s editor provides many advanced features that content creators are looking for, such as:

  • Easily embedding social media URLS and creating an interactive experience with them directly in the editor
  • Tracking changes of content over time
  • Copy and paste images directly into the rich text editor – from your desktop, from a file, from wherever
  • Spell checking, accessibility and broken link checking
  • and they do a lot more!

I had the opportunity to work closely with the Ephox team over the last year, and they are a great team to work with. Damien Fitzpatrick, their Director of Products at Ephox, provided this tour of what you can expect when using the Ephox editor for Connections:

Damien and I had a chance to talk a bit about the new option we’re offering clients. Here’s what he had to say:


What’s your role/background at Ephox?
I’m the Director of Products at Ephox, so when it comes to IBM Connections, I’m the person responsible for ensuring our rich text editors meet the needs of IBM Connections’ users. I’ve been working with IBM Connections customers for over a year now and with IBM Portal and WCM customers for several years before that. I’m sure some of the people reading this will have seen me around on Greenhouse and at Connect or Lotusphere.

I joined Ephox 13 years ago as a software engineer and one of the first employees. As a result have spent most of my career focused on content authoring in some way, shape or form. Despite that I’m continually surprised by the amount of content and variety of applications that Ephox’s editors have been used in. The Internet has done great things for the volume and variety of content that the world produces and it’s great to be a part of that.

Why should IBM Connections customers install Ephox’s EditLive!?
The team at Ephox spends a lot of time thinking about how rich text editors work to ensure that EditLive! delivers a frustration free editing experience. Our customers should be free to focus on expressing themselves and empowered to create the best content possible, without fighting the editing environment. So whether it’s spell checking, copy and paste from Microsoft Word (with images!) or embedding social content, EditLive! will both remove frustration and empower content authors. That’s why customers should install Ephox’s EditLive! into IBM Connections.

What is your favourite feature when using EditLive!?
My spelling isn’t great, as an Australian I have a tendency to add extra “u”s and uses “s” instead of “z” (that’s a zed by the way), so having spell check as-you-type and autocorrect features are certainly up there. But it’s the new social media capabilities of EditLive! that I really like. To me these features embody what we’re about at Ephox. I think the way we’ve been able to simplify the process of adding media so users never see an object or iframe tag is just fantastic. Social media content is such an important part of the way the web works, I’m excited that we’re empowering users by making adding this content as easy as copying a URL.

Anything else you want to share?
It’s an exciting time in the content authoring space – well as exciting as rich text editing gets at any rate.

We’re seeing a lot of change right now as word processing and content creation becomes web native. The next generation of word processors, including IBM Docs, are being built for the web. With tablets, smartphones and e-books we’re increasingly consuming content via interactive, paperless mediums and now we’re starting to see word processors like IBM Docs emerge for these devices.

The content we’re creating is increasingly web native too – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video in a word processor document, yet most of us would think nothing of embedding a video, interactive map or presentation in an article on a blog or wiki. So I’m especially excited about our new partnership with the IBM Connections team as to me it embodies what the future of content is about.

At Ephox we’ve always been focused on creating web native content. So we’re certainly thinking about all of these trends and we’re excited about the new challenges to solve and opportunities this will bring for us and our customers. We’re going to continue to bring our same attention to detail and ease of use to these new platforms and new ways of creating content. I’m looking forward to working on all this and more with IBM, the IBM Connections team and our customers.

So what’s the catch? Nothing! If you a customer of one of the following IBM Connections licenses, you can download the Ephox editor code from IBM Passport Advantage today:

  • IBM Connections V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extranet V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections V4.5 Intranet and Extranet IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extension from Notes® or Domino® with limited entitlement to Connections V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extension from WebSphere® Portal with limited entitlement to Connections V4.5 IFR2

Try it out and let us know what you think!!

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