The new IBM Z delivers full data protection with pervasive encryption. We can help you get started today

On July 17, IBM ushered in a new era of trusted data protection with the new IBM Z the next generation of the world’s most powerful transaction system. As the digital economy accelerates, IBM Z is tackling the growing threat of cyber threats with a “first of its kind” capability called pervasive encryption.

Cloud financing

Reach for the cloud with financing

Not too long ago, cloud was touted primarily as a cost-cutting tool and means of improving agility through easy access to low cost infrastructure. It’s now gaining visibility in the minds of leaders for its potential to change the dynamics of digital globalization and competition.

Big data and analytics

High Performance Computing and analytics are partnering for better performance

As High Performance Computing (HPC) fuels the output of information, analytics increases the value of that information by explaining why the data matters.

The NEW benefits of financing SaaS

IT clients increasingly prefer the subscription model of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to the traditional fees associated with one-time charges.

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Solve the puzzle: recycling technology under multi-country’s fast-changing regulations

When your global company retires technology assets … Why it’s important to work with a global technology asset disposal firm.

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Earth Day 2017: Taking stock of discarded electronic equipment and efforts to reuse

If you took all the laptops that IBM processed for reuse in a single year and stacked one of top of the other, they would tower over 7 miles above the ground, exceeding the summit of Mount Everest.

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IBM Global Financing teams up with Air Canada Rouge to upgrade in-flight entertainment devices

Passengers on Air Canada Rouge have enjoyed access to entertainment on iPads provided by the vacation airline. But as this in-flight perk became more popular, these mobile devices grew more outdated.

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PLM works with Watson to deliver instant medical information, financed by IBM

IBM Global Financing and PLM bring together data analytics, science, and cognitive computing to improve healthcare access and treatment quality in Mexico and Latin America.

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How to deliver more value and better outcomes with analytic solutions

An intuitive new tool called the IT Solution Value Predictor which inspects a variety of value drivers and quantifies the expected value from an analytics investment using a model tailored by industry and business objectives.

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How to quickly scale IoT projects with global financing

Read how clients who are moving to a cloud or hybrid environment can take advantage of IBM Global Financing solutions to help them get started with Watson IoT.

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Announcing the NEW IBM Global Financing blog

“We are excited to introduce the new IBM Global Financing blog site.  An essential read for all things related to funding innovation in the cognitive era.

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Four pillars for choosing a technology asset disposition vendor

Before the 1980s, very little data was stored on computers. Most data remained on tape or magnetic disk.

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