The cloud journey is personal

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Author: Barry Ramirez | Offering Lead, Cloud Innovation Advisory Lead

Barry RamierzIn today’s world, cloud computing is critical to a business’ success. Harmonising your business and cloud strategies can make all the difference to your organisation’s journey. While many are adopting and integrating with cloud, only some businesses truly reap the benefits.

In reality, getting started and creating new, cloud-native prototypes is no longer a huge challenge. This is thanks to the many vlogs, podcasts and tutorials available. These helpful snippets of wisdom make the most of the scripts and libraries available online to help quickly create a rich user experience and give a sense of empowerment through the ‘DIY’ approach.

From prototypes to the real-world

As prototypes and simple environments grow into real-world solutions, they begin to demand more – hopefully due to user growth, and steep adoption curves. But what they demand isn’t just more Cloud resources like compute capacity, network bandwidth or application services, they demand more of the team who are designing, developing, integrating, and operating the solution.

This is often one of the first hills to climb as the solutions grow. It’s also more about the way people and process come together to manage the new challenges of a successful platform. Teams now have to juggle keeping the platform healthy, progressively adding new complex features at speed, negotiating richer integrations with other teams, managing knowledge sharing and attrition, all while keeping that same culture of empowerment and agility.

The magic of teaming

It’s not impossible, but it is highly personalised. Every individual, squad, and business will blend their skills, methods and tools differently. The possible answers to these challenges are less about the Cloud capability, and more about how quickly teams discover that magical combination of people, process and technology that works for them. It’s a process of discovery, creation, and learning.

With a seemingly infinite number of technologies, and methods it can be overwhelming. This is where a little help can go a long way in fast-forwarding the learning process. In an upcoming blog series we’ll be exploring all the opportunities and challenges to your journey into the Cloud.

We’re always excited to hear about your individual experiences and share stories of success and (hopefully fleeting) failure. So please reach out to me on and help shape our future content together!

Contribution by: Vivian Du | IBM Marketing & Communications Intern

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