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Your guide to watch Think live and on demand

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How will you experience Think 2018?

World-changing ideas deserve to be shared. Whether you’re attending Think 2018 or participating from afar, you’ll never miss a moment when you watch Think live and on demand. Just visit this link throughout the conference week to see what’s happening in real time. If you miss something, want to share what you’ve seen, or would like to watch a Think moment again, you can find it all when you watch Think on demand.



Watch Think live and on demand
Get to know the schedule
Top 4 ways to get the most out of watching Think live
Recommended viewing
We can’t wait to show you Think 2018


Watch Think live and on demand

No matter where you are, you can be part of everything that’s happening at Think 2018.

Watch live broadcasts of visionary presentations, replay thought-provoking sessions, and discover inspiring conversations with influencers and thought leaders who teach us what it means to put smart to work. The ability to watch Think live is powered by IBM Cloud Video. You can learn more about this technology and how it works—including a free trial to test it all out—on the IBM Cloud Video homepage.



Get to know the schedule

Here’s some help for navigating your Think experience from afar. This schedule will help you understand what’s going on during the conference, plan what you want to see live, and make it easy to catch up with everything else on demand.

Your virtual agenda is organized by day, featured sessions, Think Campuses and live interviews via theCUBE:

Featured sessions

You can find featured sessions on the left when you get to our Think live watch experience. These cover the biggest announcements, must-see keynotes, and trending sessions throughout the week.

Think Campuses

Joining in on the Think Campus experience is easy with our watch guide. Simply find your preferred areas of focus and see what’s happening for a deeper dive into emerging technologies in Business and AI, Cloud and Data, Modern Infrastructure, and Security and Resiliency.


Live interviews via theCUBE

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what top experts and industry leaders are thinking in insightful interviews you won’t want to miss. Take a look at dates and times under Live Interviews to catch them live.


Top 4 ways to get the most out of watching Think live

Here are just a few ways you and your team can benefit greatly from Think 2018—even if you weren’t able to make it there in person.

1) Keynote working sessions

Gather your team to watch the main keynotes that can help you chart the next steps in your journey to AI and cloud. After viewing the session, you can plan a work session to generate ideas around how your business can implement some of the strategies you’ve learned from the speakers. Take the key insights revealed and see how they may change your plans for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

2) Easy and engaging Lunch & Learns

Book a conference room, preferably with a nice TV or screen, and plan a week of Lunch & Learns for your office. You can invite remote staff to join in and watch with you. It’s a great reason to step away from your desk and gather with coworkers for lunch while you gather insights that can help your business thrive!

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3) Connect with other thinkers in real time on social

Wherever you are, you’re free to think with us and the rest of the Think community near and far. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Follow along and use hashtags with your own live insights as you watch what’s happening at the conference.

4) Collect ideas to share later

If you’d rather not give a running play-by-play while it all unfolds, you can still wow your network with how much you’ve learned by quoting the greats later and sharing links to replays. Share the bold insights from Think’s brilliant speakers and industry leaders at work and see how quickly you become the go-to source for innovative ideas.


Recommended viewing

With all the amazing sessions and speakers and topics covered during the conference, it’s hard to know where to begin. We’re making it a little easy for you with this must-watch guide that tells you when to watch Think live and on demand and be ready to take some notes.

Monday, March 19

As we kick off the conference, it’s time to take a good hard look into the not-too-distant future and talk about the emerging technologies that will change the way we live and work.

Science Slam: Unveiling 5 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Change the World!

4:30 – 6:00 PM PT

Five technologies that will change our lives in the next five years: Join IBM Research Director Arvind Krishna and IBM researchers as they reveal profound scientific breakthroughs in areas such as AI, quantum computing, security, and the environment that promise to change the way we all work, live, and interact.

Rewire Business with Blockchain to Derive New Value

6:00 PM PT

Unlike any technology before, Blockchain is transforming the way organizations come together to solve critical issues and create greater business value. First-to-market innovators are already doing this today with the creation of active Blockchain networks, rewiring ecosystem and transactions of information, goods and money. Join this session to hear how they have founded Blockchain networks and achieved business outcomes from it.

Tuesday, March 20

It’s a day full of world-changing speakers and exciting announcements. Don’t miss the Chairman’s Address for insightful discussions, inspiring stories, and a look into IBM’s strategy for 2018 and beyond.

Think 2018 Chairman’s Address: Putting Smart to Work

8:30 AM PT

Join IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty and distinguished guests for a can’t-miss address bringing together some of the world’s top CEOs and business thinkers who are building the future today by putting smart to work.

IoT and AI: This Changes Every-thing

11:30 AM PT

To capitalize on the digitization of the physical world, businesses are using AI-powered IoT solutions to better engineer products, manage operations and engage with people through connected things. Join us to learn how leaders are incorporating the Internet of Things into their businesses to drive profitable growth.

Ready For Anything: Build a Cyber Resilient Organization

12:30 PM PT

In an age of exponentially more data, connected devices, and computing power, there are more ways for attackers to breach an organization than ever before. Hear from clients and IBM leaders about how to deliver security and resiliency at the scale and speed necessary to protect businesses against the challenges of today, and tomorrow.

The Rise of Platform-Centric Business Models

1:30PM PT

Businesses are entering an era of transformative business models enabled by new technologies that empowers them to operate in new ways. Join this session for a view of how business leaders can explore and quickly deploy these new business models to become cognitive enterprises, gaining a significant competitive advantage both within their industries, and by entering entirely new markets.

Put Your Data to Work on the Cloud for Smarter Business

2:30PM PT

The next generation architecture for business can help you elevate the value of your data using the latest technologies—analytics, blockchain, machine learning, AI. Innovate and modernize applications with cloud-native design, deliver visibility and control across multi-cloud environments, and more with the power of a flexible cloud for business that’s built for all your applications, AI-ready, and secure to the core.

Dr. Michio Kaku – The Scientific Future

3:30 PM PT

Internationally-recognized futurist and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku offers a stunning and provocative vision of the future. Join the co-founder of String Field Theory as he predicts trends based on the latest frontiers in science and technology.

Put Your Data to Work with AI

4:30 PM PT

If you’re on a mission to build a data-driven culture, where evidence-based decisions support bottom-line business objectives and AI is embedded into workflows across your organization, this session is for you. Learn how IBM clients ensure their data is secure and accessible and use the entire spectrum of data science and machine learning to lay a foundation for the future in the era of AI.

Wednesday, March 21

Blockchain, cloud, and quantum computing are accelerating the power of computing and progressing the way we do business. Discover how emerging technologies today are quickly redefining the world of tomorrow. Learn from the unique perspectives and inspiring stories of Sal Khan, Wade Davis, and Tanmay Bakshi.

Now Being Served: Bringing Speed, Trust and Transparency to Business Networks with Blockchain

8:30 AM PT

Join the Blockchain keynote and listen to first movers working with their industry and partners to bring trust, efficiency, and transparency to their ecosystems. Hear how they got started and the technology, expertise, and ecosystem required to create production networks providing business value. Learn about best practices to build a blockchain for business and how to get started with your business network today.

Beyond Infrastructure: Architecting the One Platform for Smarter Business

12:30 PM PT

Whether you’re ready to modernize existing applications to run on cloud, optimize your data portfolio strategy, require management of your multi-cloud or hybrid environments, or explore how the combination of data and AI can augment decision-making across the enterprise, join this session to see how the IBM Cloud can meet you there.

From Sci-fi to Reality: Quantum Computing is Here

11:30 AM PT

IBM Director of Research Arvind Krishna will describe how quantum computers have become a reality at IBM. He’ll discuss what companies are doing to become “quantum ready” for a new era of computing. He’ll also present the roadmap for IBM Q, the first commercial quantum program that is expected to deliver powerful results for businesses within a few years.

Tanmay Bakshi – Deep Learning to Save Young Lives

12:30 PM PT

Growing public attention places a spotlight on mental health issues, particularly in the young population. Tanmay Bakshi, Watson’s youngest AI developer, is leveraging cutting edge AI technology to diagnose early stage depression in youth. Bakshi describes his latest ambitious project, powered by deep learning, targeted at preventing teen suicide.

Sal Khan – Education Reimagined

1:30 PM PT

Sal Khan never intended to be an education icon. However, what started as his passion project –sharing educational videos online- eventually grew into a global digital phenomenon reaching tens of millions of eager learners. Hear how the Khan Academy has grown to a powerful voice that is moving the dial in free, world-class education to “anyone, anywhere.”

Thursday, March 22

There’s more to learn as we wrap up the week at Think 2018. Join us for stories from revolutionary data scientists Dr. D.J. Patil and Jeff Jonas in the morning and get a much-needed update on the state of security in tech in the afternoon.

Jeff Jonas – GDPR: The Big Bang… from Big Data to Big Responsibility

9:30 AM PT

Effective May 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. With this comes big responsibilities for organizations. Data scientist Jeff Jonas shares strategies for fast-tracking GDPR compliance while positioning your organization for competitive advantage.

Dr. D.J. Patil – Data Revolution

10:30 AM PT

Dr. D.J. Patil, one of the most influential data scientists in the world, was tasked with making the largest organization in history—the U.S. Federal Government—a data-driven enterprise. Patil shares his revolutionary vision, drawing from his involvement with transformative programs like the Precision Medicine Initiative, Cancer Moonshot, and Data-Driven Justice Initiative.

Achieving Meaningful Interoperability in Healthcare: Are We There Yet?

10:30 AM PT

While big data and open standards drive advances in other industries, healthcare appears to be on the slow-lane towards interoperability. Secure, cloud-based technology platforms that leverage open standards to harmonize disparate data have real potential, through advanced analytics and AI, to drive scalable, actionable insights to empower and transform health.

Dr. John Graham-Cumming – Security on the World Wild Web

12:30 PM PT

The practical realities of the modern internet have forced malicious users to shift their strategy in performing online attacks. As a result, there is a greater need for security thought leaders to innovate in combating malicious web activity. Dr. John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, discusses the latest efforts to protect web traffic from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

How to Knock the SOCks off Attackers

1:30 PM PT

Life is not easy for a Security Operation Center (SOC) analyst—researching threats, hunting attackers, gathering data, reviewing logs, reporting to management, keeping up with trends and news and more. In this session, we will take a look at several areas where we can help the SOC perform better using advanced technologies and techniques…as we challenge your entire team to think like an attacker!


We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think live and on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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