IBM ETS and Vodafone Hackday Event

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The IBM Hursley Emerging Technology Centre and ETS team hosted Vodafone on Friday 12th Dec for a one day Hackday. The focus of the day was a hypothetical Car Pooling/Commuting application, designed to encourage employees to share vehicles on their way to work. The prototype applications were rapidly created using services available in IBM’s Bluemix Cloud offering.


The Vodafone and ETS participants were split into three teams and given the whole day (excluding lunch and coffee breaks!) to come up with their application. To make things interesting, the teams were given a variety of challenges to include in their applications such as geo-fenced areas, league tables and leader boards, ‘greenness’ scores rewarded by premium car parking spaces nearest to the office and messaging between users of the service.


As the day drew to a close (and after a few last minute panics!), all three teams successfully demonstrated their applications to their colleagues. Considering the short amount of time available and the limited brief provided, the range of services displayed was truly impressive – NodeRED, Twilio, MongoDB, Cloudant and what3words to name just a few.

Niel de Kock, Principal IT Enterprise Architect for Vodafone Group said “What I really enjoyed about today was the experience of building a real, working application in a matter of hours. This really is a new paradigm and has helped stimulate our thoughts about how we can use it to enhance our offerings to our customers.”

All agreed that the day was very worthwhile and had sparked many discussions about the possibilities that Bluemix provides. Four specific opportunities were identified and these will be the subject of several follow-up meetings between IBM and Vodafone in the New Year.

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