Smarter Planet

Emerging Technology is creating technologies and solutions at the forefront of the Smarter Planet vision of an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world.

What are we doing in this area

sp_main_picEmerging Technology has a long history in building solutions that bring together the Smarter Planet vision of an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world. Our deep expertise across each of these areas gives the team a unique perspective and insight that we can bring to projects large and small.


Monitoring the physical world – people, places and things – has been a focus of Emerging Technology for over 10 years. Early projects included smart metering and energy monitoring, pay as you drive insurance and remote patient monitoring systems. Our experience and expertise is now being used to develop sophisticated new solutions in diverse areas including: biometrics for healthcare, travel, and security; the creation of new Smarter Building/Infrastructure technologies to drive operational efficiencies and help to reduce maintenance costs; and novel technologies such as Node-RED that are revolutionizing the way that people create solutions for the Internet of Things.


A major strength of IBM is its rich portfolio of enterprise connectivity technologies. Emerging Technology has extended this in significant new ways that enable novel forms of connectivity and integration. Our Gaian Database simply and efficiently federates disparate sources of information, unlocking access to data across an organisation and out to external sources. Our Information Fabric extends enterprise integration out to the edge of the network, i.e. the physical world, making possible an entirely new class of solutions that can integrate people with things in natural and intuitive ways.


A Smarter Planet solution derives its real value from the intelligence that turns information into insight, and insight into action. Beyond its expertise with IBM’s analytics technologies, Emerging Technology is creating new techniques to model information that enrich data with meaning, allowing business users (rather than technologists) to explore data quickly and to generate their own insights in response to ad hoc, and often fleeting, business needs.