Information Lifecycle Governance

Information Governance in the Cloud. We’ve Only Just Begun.

Cloud remains one of the top priorities for organizations as the demand to move from legacy ECM systems to a more modern information ecosystem increases.  Businesses must be responsive, agile, and engaging with internal and external stakeholders, while also protecting corporate information and leveraging it for insight. To keep up with the changing expectation of how information is available to users, businesses must approach the way they manage information more wisely by design rather than in silos.

The modernized information ecosystem provides a synchronized view of organization information, while bridging gaps and increasing collaboration across the business, to ensure information is available to the right people – anywhere, anytime.

To get started on the move from legacy ECM systems to a cloud-based strategy to content management, there is not one set path. Instead, each organization must take an individualized approach to find the solution that works for your company. The first step is to level set: How do we govern, value, manage, and protect our information assets wherever they exist (whether cloud, on premise, or some hybrid) and throughout their lifecycle? Then ask yourself, does this approach fit how users are working, and where the organization is heading? If the answer is no, stop by the MER session: “Understanding Your Cloud Options – Part B – Content Management” on May 8. I will be panel-ing on the session sharing a real-world example with some of the largest ECM and Cloud providers politely side by side.

There’s been a real need for value from legacy ECM solutions and providers. Equally now ever more to see a return, value and expectation to do more with less, with the faster provisioning, utility and usability that Cloud services now offer. Inescapable is that our corporate and business services and solutions should at least be as easy to use, flexible and accessible as all those “free” or personal private apps and websites that we each use. Expectations have been reset.

I will also be co-hosting the showcase session and introducing a real-world example of a client who’s really been doing information governance with real business results and benefits. We’ve all attended too many seminars and conferences that still dwell on repeating the problem, the issue and fundamentals, without showing proactive prescriptive solutions and options to solve these challenges. Even rarer are real-world examples, from those who have lived it, survived the journey and are doing it. Joining me to convey their real-world Information Governance program journey will be Skip Hayford, Manager of InfoGov at HDR, Inc., an Architectural Firm.  HDR replaces a “retain everything forever” approach to content management with a robust information lifecycle governance framework. Today, unprecedented insight and control of enterprise-wide content helps HDR drive better decisions about managing and defensibly disposing of data to cut costs and risk.

Throughout the conference, I’m looking forward to talking more with practitioners, experts and clients around the growing focus on Unified Governance. Too many solutions, mindset and methods today around information governance are segmented across “Is it Unstructured or Structured data?” Ever more I’ve seen clients who rightly, just want to find, use, process, re-use and manage information, regardless of what it is or where it is. They seek an easy-er button.

Governance is often seen as an element of an enterprise strategy that’s a ‘necessary evil.’ A better understanding of the practice can show you how it is not just about staying compliant with regulations, but also a means to transform and elevate your business by unlocking the value hidden within your governed enterprise data. A Unified Governance strategy can help you – providing both Governance for Compliance and Governance for Insights. For Compliance provides discovery, classification and management of information in ways that meet the obligations enforced by both regulatory and corporate mandates and decisions. For Insights provides safe access to trusted, high quality, fit for purpose data while facilitating effective collaboration among team members.

So, please connect on the MER app and I look forward to meeting and talking more with you during this historic 25th MER. If you are not attending MER, you can leverage the information lifecycle governance resources IBM has put together to get started on your journey to a modern information governance ecosystem. How can we help?

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