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The Better the Data, the Better the Outcome with IBM CM OnDemand

The results from Analytics are only as good as the data that it uses. Most organizations only use structured data which represents approximately 16% of the information to yield accurate insights and actionable results. The other 84% of needed data lives in the Enterprise Archives which hold critical information such as outbound customer communications (i.e. statements, bills, invoices) and internal production reports (i.e. monthly general ledger reports as well as thousands of other report).[1]

business people on monitor report graph and business analyzeIBM’s Enterprise Archive, which is also used for an Optimal Customer Experience, is completely open for analysis from any tool including Watson Analytics, Cognos, Spark and others. This is not true for any of the other very old archives that hold official documents of record. Most leading organizations have recognized this issue and are migrating to a modern and trusted archive such as IBM’s CM OnDemand solution. Other documents needed for analysis are held in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems that are focused on incoming individual documents, some in difficult image formats like TIFF. IBM also has tools to unlock these images and turn those into XML data sets available for analysis. Analytics, ECM and the Enterprise Archive need each other.

To learn more about how IBM CM OnDemand as an Enterprise Archive can help optimize the customer experience and be able to feed analytics to achieve actionable business insights, listen to my recording!

[1] “From Data to Disruption: Innovation Through Digital Intelligence,” Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report sponsored by IBM,

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