Digital Reinvention

Does your content deliver a great customer experience?

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Digital disruption has transformed the way brand marketing is done, primarily due to the growing influence of customers in an increasingly connected world. Whether you are an online retailer, a banking or insurance provider, you want to build brand loyalty, generate demand for your products and services and expand online marketing and customer-engagement efforts across Web, social and mobile channels. To deliver on your brand promise seamlessly across these channel, you need the power of content, and a content management tool. The content management tool that leverages AI to transform digital brand assets into a comprehensive library of content, assets, and intelligence that can be easily searched and applied to create compelling digital experiences across channels.

Recently, IBM announced partnership with Shutterstock for marketers to build engaging digital experiences using AI. So imagine what synergies do you get when you combine access to Shutterstock’s collection of high-quality content and editing capabilities with Watson’s power of artificial intelligence (AI)? You get an engine to create the kind of assets that will uniquely resonate with your target customer.

Shutterstock’s library of millions of professional quality images, video clips, and music tracks, are now available through IBM Watson Content Hub.  Marketers are now able to quickly discover the optimal visual to drive increased revenues through a greater level of overall engagement.  Powered by AI, Watson Content Hub was built to manage large repositories of content. The system understands and learns over time about the data in your company’s content management system. You can get recommendations for new content as you start your search and then easily find the content in your repository when you need it. When new content is added into Watson Content Hub, AI in the platform instantly analyses metadata and automatically proposes tags from thousands of concepts, objects, colors, ages, genders, etc. In addition to the content, Watson Content Hub also delivers customers fast access to Shutterstock Editor. Now after finding images, teams can customize them to create a professional looking campaign. This solution includes commonly used tools such as pre-set sizes for popular social media platforms and emails and the ability to add filters, text and shapes. It even enables users to upload their own logos or product images to supplement designs.

Here is a small video how IBM and Shutterstock allows you to deliver compelling digital experiences across channels.

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