Digital Reinvention

Can You Re-imagine Customer Experience in this AI Era? Join IBM at iMedia Brand Summit, Jaipur to know ‘How’!

By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being. How do you realise the full potential of this data?  What if you could harness the right data and use it intelligently across the customer journey to meet both the needs of the customer as well as those of your businesses. You can transform your marketing with AI, augmenting your decision-making process to deliver right content, message, offer at the right time through right channel, and enhancing customer engagement.

To know how Artificial Intelligence can help you as a marketer, come and meet IBM experts at “IBM Experience Zone” at iMedia Brand Summit between 29th– 31st August at Jaipur. We have the following IBM experts to talk through how IBM is helping many marketers like you, helping them to be more customer centric using data and Artificial Intelligence.

Talk to IBM Experts:

  1. Navneet Narula, brings in 20+ years of experience helping customers deliver customer experience
  2. Harsh Anand has wealth of experience helping customers how digital technologies and AI can transform organisations and professions
  3. Ashish Dadhwal is a digital commerce solution expert responsible for delivering business value using technology
  4. Raman Parasher is a marketing solution expert responsible for delivering business value using technology

IBM also has a booth ‘IBM Experience Zone’, demonstrating few of the AI powered marketing and commerce solutions that helps customers deliver superior customer experience.

Watson Campaign Automation (AI-powered, multichannel marketing automation)

A fully featured omni-channel marketing automation platform allows marketers to design, manage, and measure campaigns across email, mobile, social, and group messaging apps like WeChat and Line.

Watson Marketing Insights (AI-powered segmentation)

WMI provides cognitive recommendations to help marketers anticipate customer behaviors. It uses rich profile and behavioral customer data to recommend and create targeted segments. The resulting audiences can be sent directly to WCA. The marketer then uses WCA to execute targeted campaigns for these audiences.

 Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) (AI-powered customer analytics)

WCXA provides an end-to-end view of the customer experience to understand and optimize every customer journey by identifying both the shortest paths and the paths to maximum conversion. WCXA also offers session replay and AI-powered struggle detection.

Watson Content Hub (WCH) (AI-powered web content management)

WCH transforms volumes of digital brand assets into a comprehensive library intelligent asset – ready to be delivered across customer touchpoints and personalised each customer experience.  AI tagging saves a lot of time and transforms repositories of disorderly assets into searchable libraries. Marketers can easily find and use the tagged assets in their experiences to deliver the right message.

Color Snap –  a mobile app which can allow customers Instantly ‘try on’ any Sherwin-Williams colour on your own walls, in real time.

Store-2-Door – Empowered with instant access to geo-fenced, real-time customer data from the core database, the sales associates could now smartly target customers with personalised schemes and plans.

Wealth Management – App which can be used for banking wealth customer with minimal customisation

Make the best of your time at iMedia, learn how you can become a digital disruptor yourself than being disrupted in this digital and AI era.

Come and join IBM at iMedia Brand Summit between 29th-31st August at Jaipur.

WW Product Marketing Manager, Watson Customer Engagement

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