The New Mail.Com Webmail Client

Ahhhh, spring is here! The warmer weather (in some parts of the country) has nudged blossoms out of their buds and filled the boulevards with petals. Snow is melting, birds are chirping, the boughs of our lemon tree are heavy with fruit and another new webmail client has arrived as if by stork courtesy of […]

The New New Yahoo! Mail Beta

Yahoo! has recently begun the role out of a new beta. I say new new because it seems like yesterday that Yahoo! was rolling out a beta which today is the defacto email client in addition to Classic. Confused much? Let me break it down for you: There are 3 Yahoo! email clients to chose […]

Marketers in Bloom

Ahh, springtime, a most wondrous time of year, replete with warmer weather, flowers in bloom, smiles on faces, happy dispositions, and other fluffy images…and of course, conferences/expos/trade shows/conventions, etc. And speaking of conferences/expos/trade shows/conventions, I’m getting pretty pumped about our upcoming user conference(s), the Marketing Innovation Summit (MIS for short). MIS is a veritable who’s-who […]