Stormy forecast: Private clouds on the horizon are growing in importance

The ease of use and agility that one experiences with public clouds can be replicated in a private manner for enterprises. This is especially useful to enterprises that are worried about security or that want more control over where their data and software are setup and reside. So, private clouds can be seen as a microcosm of public clouds…Although this view is true, it is also not complete.


Andre Navoizat compares Small Business Desktop over IBM Cloud (SBDIC) with Small Business Desktop Cloud (SBDC).

Analytic cloud solutions using BigInsights

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is a solution that targets a business user, and which offers a spreadsheet interface for working with the data, creating jobs, and includes a query language called Jaql.

Save the date: April 12 #cloudchat

Mark your calendars for this Thursday, April 12, from 4-5 p.m. ET for a special #cloudchat Twitter chat.

Multitenancy 101

When talking to product managers and architects, the importance of multitenancy is still a frequently debated question: “Do I have to be multitenant in my first release?” In this blog post, I would like to help demystify this concept, and also share with you my perspectives on why multitenancy is an important up-front business consideration because it has many downstream technical and financial implications.

IBM Research’s cloud: An incubator for cloud technologies

You can’t turn around without seeing something cloud-related from IBM these days. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Plus, IBM SmartCloud Provisioning…the list goes on and on. But what you might not know is that some of the technologies in these products got their start in IBM’s biggest internal cloud environment.

IBM Pulse 2012 Conference summary

Pulse 2012 gave customers four days of sessions focused on Cloud, Mobility, Smarter Physical Infrastructure, Security and Compliance, and Service Assurance. The Cloud and the DevOps story provided at Pulse gave customers and IBM Business Partners an in-depth view of how IBM solutions could help solve real world challenges.

Development and Test Cloud: What’s it like to use?

IBM has an internal system, called the DST (Development and Support Team) CIO (Chief Information Officer) Dev & Test Cloud. This is an internal implementation of an IBM product named the Smart Business Development and Test Cloud. Fortunately, my fellow blogger, Chris Dotson (@crdotson on Twitter), is a Manager of this service and was able to set me up with an account.

China’s Plan: What does it mean to cloud computing?

In “Cloud computing in China,” I discussed the general picture of cloud computing in China using two examples in Beijing and Chongqing. In this follow-up, I would like to put Cloud Computing in a broader context of the grand plan for the five-year period, from 2011 to 2015.

Don’t miss the network sizing

Overview of important considerations for a successful virtual desktop deployment.

Let’s talk about cloud — seriously!

Today, I would like to discuss this topic from a slightly different angle. As you might know, clouds are organized in layers. Let's discuss these layers and how they affect us.

5 things to consider before using cloud services

Cloud application providers promise ease of use, cost savings and innovative solutions. Typically you are only a few mouse clicks away from getting a free trial account and with several more clicks you will be able to sign up for a license. But wait! There are a number of aspects to consider. Let’s discuss the most important ones (I am sure there are much more and depending on the scenario others might be more important – so please feel free to add your thoughts as a comment).