Sara Strope

Conquering impossible goals with real-time analytics

“Past data only said, ‘go faster’ or ‘ride better,'” Kelly Catlin, Olympic Cyclist and Silver Medalist, shared with the audience at IBM World of Watson event on 24 October. In other words, the feedback generated from all her analytics data sources — the speed, cadence, power meters on her bicycle — was generally useless to this […]

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In pursuit: Chasing down data and stronger performance

In 2008, I saved the little bit of energy I had left in my tank to unleash a huge smile as I crossed the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid. I was overjoyed to have completed racing 140.6 miles, which included my first marathon. For six months, I followed a classic endurance training approach: base, […]

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3 technology lessons from the Boston Marathon

Monday, April 18, marked the 120th anniversary of the Boston Marathon and the 50th anniversary of female participation in the iconic race. More than 30,000 runners covered 26.2 miles in one of the world’s most renowned and coveted races. I was fortunate to spend the day and the weekend immersed in marathon activities: A Champion’s […]

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