Angel Luis Diaz

IBM and partners launch JS Foundation

This week’s announcement that IBM is a founding member of the JS Foundation further confirms something I’ve been saying for years now: there’s never been a better time to be working in open technology. Along with the greater JavaScript ecosystem, the JS Foundation is dedicated to fostering developer engagement, collaboration and best practices under an […]

Cloud Foundry: The open tech community’s rising star

People often ask about the characteristics of an effective open technology community. It’s actually fairly simple to answer. The best open tech communities have strong leadership, strong governance, beautiful code and passionate contributors. The Cloud Foundry Foundation embodies all of these characteristics. When it launched in December 2014, the Cloud Foundry Foundation boasted 40 member […]

IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo opens in Research Triangle Park

There’s a new way to work in open source, and IBM is thrilled to be a part of it. Today we celebrate the grand opening of the IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Under the leadership of Michael Fraenkel, IBM’s distinguished engineer in Cloud Foundry, we’ve created a […]

An open blockchain critical for business and innovation

Just three months ago, my colleague Arvind Krishna, IBM SVP and Director of IBM Research, posted a blog explaining how blockchain technology would create “a foundation for building a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust and transparency while streamlining business processes.” In that post, he also wrote, “We believe blockchain is an extraordinarily […]

Cloud Foundry takes on interoperability and workload portability

It’s been just over a year since the Cloud Foundry Foundation officially launched but you would never know it based on the significant progress made in the past year. In this very short amount of time, the foundation has made great strides. As part of the team at IBM that helped launch this new foundation, […] a boon for developers

Nearly 18 months ago, the announcement of the Swift modern programming language delighted the developer world. Today, we’re thrilled to be involved in Swift’s latest iteration: This initiative can take Swift beyond being just a client-side development language for iOS, into a development language spanning all tiers. The move will make Swift available to […]

IBM joins as founding member of Open API Initiative

We are in the midst of a technological revolution. When you look at what’s enabling businesses today to thrive in the areas of cloud, data and analytics (and the Internet of Things’ future), one key element comes back to those three magical letters: API. While the application programming interface (API) economy is at the core […]

Open tech architecture, StrongLoop and football: 3 reasons this trio makes a lot of sense

As I followed the preseason football games these past weekends, my mind wandered. I couldn’t help but think of the great news we were unleashing this week. Less than two months ago, the Open Technology Architecture (OTA) welcomed the Node.js Foundation to open governance. This week, IBM welcomes StrongLoop to the IBM team. Just like […]

Tech leaders unite to form Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Innovation in open cloud technology is accelerating at a pace like the IT industry has not seen before. Growth of cross cutting open technology initiatives is welcome news for today’s enterprise developer, but at the same time presents integration and interoperability challenges, especially as they weave in the latest container and microservices technologies. Just in […]

Node.js embarks on open governance journey

I can’t say it enough: Open governance matters. The move to open across cloud, mobile, data and analytics  is real, and it’s very important to customers and developers alike. Just in case you thought I was the only one saying this, check out the Node.js community announcement. Node.js is officially open. The announcement is pretty straightforward. […]

Open technology in 2015: The anti-venom to a dead-end cloud

Open technology’s momentum across cloud, mobile and big data has accelerated beyond our wildest dreams. Just when it feels like we’ve seen it all, along comes another year like 2015, where open technology innovation and adoption are growing like wildfire. If you tuned out briefly or even blinked, you might have missed one of this […]

IBM Cloud: Open today, open tomorrow, open by design

Open technology is the foundation of any cloud. If your cloud isn’t built on open technology, it’s built on a dead-end cloud. Period. Whether you look at the infrastructure or the platform, the IT industry has been on this journey over the past four years to build an open cloud architecture. Open technology allows us all to scale […]