3 sessions to help build a cloud for your business at Think 2018

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cloud devops think 2018Businesses continue to rapidly adopt cloud for a variety of workloads. At the same time, they must execute with speed while improving business margins, continuously reinvent themselves and ensure the privacy and security of their data.

But how exactly do you build a cloud for your business? What does it take to fuel innovation and accelerate transformation? What type of cloud is right for you? How do you keep your data private and secure?

At Think 2018 next week in Las Vegas, these are just some of the questions we’ll help you answer. Join featured sessions to hear from experts and learn how to build a cloud for your business. Then plan to leverage the right set of development tools, ongoing platforms, DevOps tool chains and management solutions to expedite time-to-market and ensure your IT infrastructure and apps are performing flawlessly.

We want you to hear firsthand how companies are trying new approaches to developing, testing, creating, managing and releasing applications. Development experts will share how to increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage and take advantage of new market opportunities through cloud.

Here are three sessions that you don’t want to miss. Click the links below to add them to your personalized Think agenda.

Accelerate innovation and insight with AI-enriched IT and cloud management

How do you stay ahead of multiple DevOps teams, effectively manage multiple clouds, gain actionable insights and push for very high levels of automation that drive the business outcomes you need? Explore how to drive the business outcomes you need by attending the Cloud Management session on Tuesday, March 20 at 5:30 PM PDT. Hear how IBM and our clients are creating the space to innovate, enabling proactive management and staying ahead of the metrics that the line of business requires.

Drive innovation by building, provisioning and deploying apps to the cloud

As an IT leader, how can you drive innovation and productivity, integrating your existing team’s skills and infrastructure with new and emerging programming approaches all while focusing on modernizing your applications for the cloud? Join us on Wednesday, March 21 at 3:30 PM PDT to learn how to chart your digital transformation path using microservices, containers, Kubernetes and other technologies embodied in IBM WebSphere and IBM Cloud Private.

Drive transformation through methods and tools

DevOps transformations can be difficult. Sometimes you fail. But the key is to keep going. Those delivering software innovation quickly can better engage their customers and win in the market. On Thursday, March 22 at 8:30 AM PDT, hear how IBM clients are using IBM DevOps solutions, best practices and services to beat their competition to market and improve product quality and team productivity.

Immediately following all three sessions, join the Think Tanks to see live demos, engage in active discussions with experts, and network with like-minded peers.

I hope you’ll be joining me in Las Vegas, but if you’re not able to be with us this year, these sessions will be streamed live online. Find out how to watch.

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