N Brown Group finds the perfect fashion fit with IBM Cloud and Oracle

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N Brown Group IBM OracleWho really wants to shop at retailers where the fashionable clothes you want aren’t stocked in a size that will fit?

That’s one reason why more than 4 million customers choose to shop online from the privacy and comfort of their homes at N Brown Group, a leading specialist-fit fashion retailer with more than 140 years of experience. The company boasts key retail brands JD Williams, Simply Be and Jacamo, and is all about democratizing fashion, focusing on the needs of underserved customer groups.

Partnering with IBM

N Brown Group partnered with IBM as part of its transformation into an online retailer, adopting the Oracle Applications suite, which is supported by the IBM Cloud for Oracle Applications platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. It also uses the IBM infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering to seamlessly integrate with core, existing N Brown Group on-premises, legacy systems to host its new digital platform.

IBM Services were a key strategic partner through the whole program delivery. They were involved in design, build, test and implementation to get the best outcome for N Brown group.

Moving from administration to innovation

With its IBM Cloud solution in place, the company can  adapt rapidly to changes in the fashion industry, given that it’s equipped with the background requirements for performance and reliability.

Since IBM manages the infrastructure and Oracle applications on the cloud, the IT department is free to focus on adding value to the business. N Brown has moved IT from administration to innovation.

The company can also scale in new ways to support seasonality and peak periods of the business, as well as the unforeseen future demands of the ever-changing retail fashion landscape.

People around the world are looking for ways to get fashion that fits and makes them feel good, with an excellent customer experience. That is the driver that led N Brown Group to take steps towards its transformation. It’s also the entry point into new marketplaces and geographies.

Learn more about IBM Cloud services.

Read the press release and find more details in the case study.

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