Italian airport operator SEA announces 7-year agreement to use IBM Cloud

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SEA IBM Cloud agreementSEA (Societã Esercizi Aeroportuali), the company that manages the Milan Linate and Malpensa airports in Italy, has announced a seven-year agreement to use a hybrid IT environment that integrates with IBM Cloud.

The agreement includes data center and hosting services, systems and storage managed services, and help desk and security management. It’s expected to generate considerable cost savings for SEA.

SEA is ranked at the top of Italian airport systems for the volume of cargo transported, and is number two in terms of the number of passengers. It’s in the top 10 across Europe in both categories.

The company will use its new hybrid cloud infrastructure for numerous SAP workloads, including SAP Hybris. SEA will also use Cloud VDI for workplace management and employee training.

Data center services will come through the Italian IBM Data Center Campus, which includes the IBM Cloud Data Center in Milan. IBM has nearly 60 cloud data centers in 19 countries.

Learn more in financialnews.co.uk’s full report.


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