Digital transformation and innovation take the right mix of cloud technology

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Digital transformation innovation mixThere is a massive shift in the way organizations are adopting cloud to differentiate themselves in the market.

In a recent survey conducted by IBM, 78 percent of global respondents said their cloud initiatives are with traditional IT platforms, as there is a need to combine cloud applications with existing systems and data. Cloud computing has become an essential part of business development.

Organizations want to strike a perfect balance between having traditional IT platforms, moving applications to the cloud and integrating to cloud applications. Thus, there is an increased need to tailor an optional hybrid cloud solution to secure efficiency, innovation and growth objectives .

This means cloud is a real differentiator and the main driver for digital transformation. Based on factors such as compliance demands, cost, and speed to market, executives must decide which applications can be moved to the cloud and analyze the challenges to be addressed over the course of the migration.

Organizations are delivering business value with hybrid cloud by:

  • Enhancing business agility by using internal resources for core business activities while merging IT and business priorities and expertise
  • Using subscription-based cloud resources and accelerating return on investment
  • Bringing innovation into the business environment with rapid experimentation, strategic APIs, and enabling access to external technologies via scalability with auto-provisioning cloud features

While IT executives still expect app 45 percent of their workloads to stay on dedicated, on-premises servers, great business value can be derived with the use of cloud technology. Hybrid cloud solutions, which include a mix of on-premise and public cloud services, should be tailored to meet each organization’s unique business conditions and requirements.

Are you looking for a unique hybrid cloud solution suiting your business needs? What would suit your business needs? Is it a blend of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT platforms?

This IBM Institute for Business Value report can help you evaluate the right cloud adoption strategy for your organization.

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