11 ways to go cloud native with microservices and containers at InterConnect 2017

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Microservices InterConnectThink of a microservice within a cloud native application as similar to a Linux process: it’s designed to do one thing very well, runs only when and as long as needed, and often combines with others to work together on data.

Since microservices run in containers, how a cloud platform manages relationships and resources among containers running the components of the overall application most definitely affects performance.

Get microservices and containers right with Bluemix clients and experts in these sessions.

Featured client stories

International food company BRF takes us through how they transformed their supply chain with a Bluemix-based mobile app using a containers back-end.

Lessons Learned on Adopting the Netflix Stack to Build a Microservices Architecture on IBM Bluemix

Craftworkz reports on lessons learned in creating their intelligent chatbot application on Bluemix with a microservices architecture implemented with containers.

Creating a Highly Scalable Chatbot in a Microservices Architecture Using IBM Bluemix

Microservices InterConnect 2Engaging the experts

Spend quality time with architects and developer advocates as they discuss how to integrate great cognitive services into your mobile applications while accelerating continuous development and delivery, securing your code at every point of  the application life-cycle, and all of that by using the IBM Bluemix Container Service.

In these sessions, architect Dan Berg explains how his team created the Container Service to drive continuous development and delivery of cloud native applications that integrate powerful cognitive capabilities:

Architecture Deep-Dive into Docker Containers, Microservices and Kubernetes

Operating IBM Watson Services with Docker and Kubernetes

Microservices and Containers (20 minutes: your questions)

In multiple sessions, Chris Rosen and Rob Osowski break-down the toolchains and real-time security that make the IBM Bluemix Container Service a safe but monstrous DevOps accelerant:

Enterprise-Ready Docker Container Capabilities

Securing Your Docker Environment with the Vulnerability Advisor Service for IBM Bluemix Containers

Hands-On Lab Demonstrating the Enterprise-Grade Capabilities of IBM Containers

Microservices: Powered by Containers-as-a-Service

Doug Davis steps back with you to help in choosing the best compute service for your purpose:

Cloud Foundry, Docker or Kubernetes—What a Choice!

Jeffrey Borok (IBM) and Sara Novonty (Google) chart the course of Kubernetes as an ongoing open source project and in its commercial implementations:

From Docker to Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation: Open Containers and Community

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