Cloud is ubiquitous. Even my mom knows.

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Cloud is ubiquitous.  Even my mom knows.

My mom asked me today if my job at IBM “is in the cloud.”  She doesn’t understand cloud computing or how it has dramatically changed our world in a few short years.  And she certainly doesn’t understand what it means for content management solutions, but she knows it’s a hot topic in technology and is something that IBM is making huge investments in.  When my technologically challenged retired parents start asking me about a given technology, it’s fair to say the technology has gone mainstream.

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But don’t take my mom’s word for it.  Gartner recently published a great report titled “Strategize to Reap the Benefits of Moving Content Management Applications to the Cloud.”   You can read it here.   One interesting point in the report is that “by 2018, 50% of enterprises will be managing their content using a hybrid content architecture.”  People are adopting this hybrid cloud approach to managing content because of cost savings, increased agility and the flexible pricing model.

And it’s no different when we talk about specific ECM technologies like case management.  Over the last year, I’ve seen the level of interest in IBM Case on Cloud increase tremendously.  Our partners are deploying more of their solutions built on IBM Case Manager to the cloud.  I’ve seen exciting new use cases applied and companies are realizing the benefits of case management faster by deploying on cloud.  For example, a major automobile manufacturer in Japan is using IBM Case Manager on Cloud to rapidly build out a car defect management process, realizing a faster time-to-value, lower cost and improved customer engagement.

Cloud is a great deployment model for case management because it provides an environment for rapid development, allowing easy iterations on case applications.  IBM understands cloud, and we are reimagining our ECM portfolio for the way work is done today.  Check out this short video to learn more about what we are doing to help you manage content more effectively to drive better business outcomes.

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