Bringing secure blockchain services to the cloud

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IBMBlockchain-500x337Blockchain has a number of different uses, but some users are hesitant to dive in because of security concerns. In some cases, the decentralized control of the system—a permissionless database with an ever-growing list of data records—could leave back doors open for unauthorized access.

IBM is looking to alleviate those concerns with a new, cloud-based blockchain service that aims to help organizations in regulated industries such as health care, government and financial services. The service, now in beta, runs on a secure LinuxONE system, which is the system used for IBM public clouds all over the world.

IBM Blockchain also has IBM secure container technology, which uses firmware to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the data.

“So anything installed in this secure services container is attested, encrypted and signed and you can’t install malware in it—the firmware prevents it,” Donna Dillenberger, an IBM Fellow and global leader of enterprise systems for IBM Research, said.

For more about the new blockchain service on IBM Cloud, check out eWeek’s full article.

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