Accelerate your app integration deployment on the cloud

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With rapidly evolving integration requirements, how quickly can your business deliver an integration solution? Is it taking weeks or months to deploy your IBM Integration Bus (IIB) development and test environments? Are you limited by proprietary systems, middleware and code that lack the flexibility to quickly deploy those application integration solutions? Are you struggling to build your IIB development environment on the cloud and quickly bringing that exact image on premises?
With IBM PureApplication and IIB software you can accelerate and automate application integration development and test environments on the cloud and easily shift them to on-premises environments or the other way around quickly, repeatedly and without error.

Why use Integration Bus on PureApplication?

IIB and PureApplication have revolutionized overall IT management for businesses of any size within any industry. This integrated hybrid cloud platform accelerates the setup of complex IIB environments by reducing delivery times from months or weeks to just days or even hours. More time can be spent on critical resources and value-add activities that lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

When deployed on a service-oriented architecture platform, IIB and PureApp help increase daily transactions made on business critical applications, boost operational efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Running Integration Bus on PureApplication accelerates your environment deployment lifecycle. This enterprise-grade hybrid cloud solution comes with a host of benefits including:

  • A true hybrid cloud: IIB applications are deployed quickly in the cloud and those exact workloads can be moved to on-premises environments without any changes.
  • Adoption of open technologies: Emerging technologies such as Docker are integrated easily into your enterprise environment and integrates existing middleware, applications and databases.
  • Deployment that is faster and error free: Self-service provisioning of IIB and other application and middleware environments are simplified and automated with predefined patterns.
  • Scaling up or down as needed: Capacity is adjusted easily and over-provisioning of resources is avoided using a self-service portal.

By reducing your integration implementation time your team has more time to innovate and focus on high value initiatives.

What are Integration Bus (IIB) patterns?

Patterns are predefined configurations derived from proven best practices and expertise. They are captured, tested, optimized and then built into your system to accelerate, automate and simplify deployment. Patterns capture the full application environment for easy and fast portability across your hybrid cloud landscape.

The PureApplication IIB pattern includes everything you need to install, configure and maintain your application deployment environments. This includes all of your software components (basic and advanced), script packages and installation images for IIB as well as MQ entitlements. The automated provisioning improves management of resources and implementation of architectural standards to avoid errors and inconsistencies and speed deployment. Elastic scaling automatically detects when configuration capacity should be increased to meet growing demands on your process solutions and to reduce overhead.

The new integration process allows you to easily deploy process applications directly into a PureApplication-based IIB environment. It also provides the flexibility to choose the operating system (OS) consistent with your company policy.

IIB patterns can be deployed on premises with PureApplication System or on the cloud using PureApplication Service on SoftLayer.

To learn more about IIB and PureApplication and about how simple it is to quickly set up and deploy your app environments, try the 30-day trial on PureApplication Service. To continue the conversation, use the hashtag #IBMPureApp on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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