IBM InterConnect Day 2: Succeeding in the new era of hybrid IT

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By Stephanie Cajucom

The opening day of IBM InterConnect heralded the new era of hybrid IT, fueled by the Internet of Things, cloud, mobile, and big data.On day 2, InterConnect audiences learned how to thrive and tackle the business challenges of the digital transformation.

Here’s our cheat sheet to getting ahead during this computing revolution, based on the guidance of several IT whizzes.

You can’t protect data on your own.

That’s the message Brendan Hannigan, IBM Security general manager, emphasized at his packed session on Cloud Security. Trying to defend your company’s data without help isn’t only a Herculean task—it invites threats to your company. Hannigan suggests an approach you’d have found in a medieval castle. Using a defense comprised of multiple data-threat data services, like IBM X-Force, you can build a moat of intelligence around your data.

It’s time to work like a startup.

It’s surprisingly easy for solid enterprises to work like canny startups. In “Ignite Business Innovation with Cloud,” hosted by IBM Cloud CMO Nancy Pearson, marketing expert Jay Baer proved it.

 Baer, wearing a tall white chef’s toque, whipped up an aptly named startup, Stratus Cafe. In less than an hour, using cloud-based services like IBM Docs and IBM Connection Cloud, Baer zeroed in on an untapped Vegas market—Cajun-Asian fusion; sourced a top-notch staff; and built a digital experience for Stratus Cafe.

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Baer’s point: if a non-restaurateur can work food-service data this quickly, passionate businesspeople can discover new opportunities in no time.

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 Master the mainframe.

Within two years, people will perform an average of 50 phone transactions a day. How will we manage all that data?

Ross Mauri, z Systems’ general manager, says we’ll rely on mainframe management systems. The dynamic z13 mainframe system, released in January, finds the crucial insights in masses of data and puts those analytics in the center of business functions with speedy data-capture capabilities and quick delivery services. The mainframe makes it easier to move workloads, locate and evaluate insights, and make decisions.

Make data matter.

It’s not just about moving data around anymore. It’s about analyzing data—and making each piece matter. IBM’s middleware team, managed by Marie Wieck, is helping businesses analyze data with newly released SaaS services like Docker’s open-source virtualization containers, capable of holding major enterprise workloads.

These solutions give developers the tools to build a unified integration platform, so each data point will make a difference for businesses

The new era of IT is here, and we’re just getting started. Armed with the knowledge of what the digital transformation means for business and the expert advice on how to tackle the challenges after two days at InterConnect, we can’t wait to see what day 3 has to bring.

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