Collaboration in the cloud

What tasks do I need to work on today?

What progress has my team made on the project deliverables?

How does the release burndown report look today?

These are some of the questions I ask myself as I get ready for my workday.

Thanks to the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution my team implemented, I can get answers to my questions by looking at the team dashboard the solution offers. This cool feature helps me get a high-level overview of things like project plans, current iterations, number of open versus closed items, status of builds that are being executed and change set activity.

This is a big departure from using Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything, which is what we were doing a year ago. The best part: using the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Application Service, we were able deploy this solution into production in a couple of hours.

Equipped with a set of tools that integrate seamlessly, the IBM SmartCloud Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service helps IT project teams accelerate time to delivery, reduce project cost and quickly adapt to changing business needs. Having used this solution in the cloud in conjunction with Agile methodologies, I found my team:

  • Communicating better due to the ability to collaborate in near real time
  • Reducing build and testing cycle times due to the ability to spin up build and load testing machines with ease
  • Doing a good job in maintaining traceability between artifacts in the development cycle

If you are looking to understand how you can better manage your applications and their lifecycle from development through deployment then you cannot miss IBM’s Collaboration in the Cloud webcast.

In this webcast you will discover:

  • how you can get your application development teams up and running in minutes
  • how your distributed teams can develop, deploy and deliver applications while actively collaborating in near real time
  • how you can improve reliability, security and agility between your development and deployment teams using the newest DevOps capabilities

To learn more, make sure you register today for the Collaboration in the Cloud webcast.

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