Bringing cloud storage into the hybrid era

An interesting anomaly has quietly evolved in large enterprises in recent years. As organizations have rightly come to revere cloud computing as the path to true scalability, efficiency, and economics, one corner of it — storage — has been left to wallow in the silos of yesteryear, with limited advances or innovation. Researchers continue to […]

Not born on the cloud yesterday: Easing into continuous deployments with blueprints

As traditional IT enterprises embrace the cloud to handle continuous delivery, they face challenges posed by their existing legacy systems handling complex applications and environments. For example, mainframe-based systems (typically located within the firewall) often have tighter restrictions on security and data management, which can lead to slower iteration cycles. According to a recent ADT […]

All about OpenStack and why it matters

I recently attended a week of presentations about OpenStack, looking to get a deeper understanding of what it is all about and why it’s important. Here’s what I learned. An OpenStack cloud is driven by a collection of open source software that allows organizations to build and manage cloud environments via the OpenStack API. The […]

IBM and partners launch JS Foundation

This week’s announcement that IBM is a founding member of the JS Foundation further confirms something I’ve been saying for years now: there’s never been a better time to be working in open technology. Along with the greater JavaScript ecosystem, the JS Foundation is dedicated to fostering developer engagement, collaboration and best practices under an […]

To help their uphill climb, startups look to Global Entrepreneur

While there’s no one, definitive source of statistics for startup activity worldwide, a quick look online reveals facts such as: Nine out of ten startups will fail. The startup rate has fallen sharply over the past 30 years. Startup funding is a mess right now. Yet with the odds stacked against them, startup companies across […]

Cloud computing’s turning point: The innovation phase has begun

In the past, when I’ve spoken to clients about cloud computing, those conversations were mostly with line-of-business managers focused on cutting costs and getting new, customer-facing applications up and running quickly. Today, the tide has turned, as chief executives and other line leaders want to know how cloud computing can help them transform their entire […]

Why businesses shouldn’t settle on a simple storage solution

To date, the business community, including startups and entrepreneurs, have had only simple storage solutions to choose from on the cloud. Or they’ve had outdated, pricey software, hardware and appliance solutions from legacy storage providers. In today’s business world, this no longer works. Not with IDC’s predicted data growth of 44 zettabytes by 2020, fueled […]

3 ways to avoid failure in application deployment

In my previous post, I discussed six causes of system failures and their resulting negative impacts for enterprises. How can one one avoid failure? 1. If you have not yet built your DevOps practice, now is the time. DevOps increases the feedback loop exchange from ideas to customer feedback. Automating the application release and deployment […]

The need for speed in IaaS platforms

When you look at the rapidly evolving infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market, you might get the impression that it’s a race to the bottom with commodity hardware, inexpensive storage options, ongoing price cuts and the like. If a cloud service provider can’t differentiate itself, things can get very ugly. That’s why one of the […]

Continuous delivery tops IT execs’ priority list

Innovation is undoubtedly all around us, from advancements in AI to quantum computing. Who wouldn’t want to capitalize on the value of digital transformation? But what’s truly driving these big moves? It’s due in no small part to the ability of IT organizations to speed software delivery. Enterprise Management Associates’ latest research report, derived from […]

Cloud-based Project DataWorks aims to make data accessible, organized

Increasingly, data is a form of currency in business. Not just the data itself, but the ability to find just the right piece of information at just the right time. As organizations amass more and more data reaching into petabyte sizes, it can sometimes become diffuse, which can make it hard for someone to quickly […]

Direct Link connection options for hybrid clouds

Companies are striving to implement more cost-effective IT environments using hybrid clouds that include both on-premises and off-premises resources. Direct Link on IBM SoftLayer, introduced in my previous blog post, helps IBM Cloud clients integrate their private, public and hybrid clouds with high performance, security-rich connections. Here’s how Direct Link connects your IT resources. Physical […]