With telemedicine, there’s no waiting room

Patients no longer have to wait in line to be seen at a doctor’s office or receive a prescription. They don’t even have to leave the house with telemedicine. If a child has a fever in the middle of the night, a prescription runs out just as someone is about to leave for vacation, or […]

Can’t-miss Innovation Talks, only at IBM InterConnect 2017

Are you interested in hot-button issues like cyberbullying, fake news, blockchain and cyberwarfare? Then you can’t afford to miss the all-new Innovation Talks at IBM InterConnect 2017. On March 19 through 23, thousands of the best and brightest in cloud computing will gather in Las Vegas for our annual gathering of innovators, thought leaders, academics […]

IBM cloud revenue up 35 percent in 2016

For anyone with any lingering doubts about the rapid growth of cloud computing, look no further than IBM fiscal year 2016 cloud revenue for proof. Total cloud revenue hit $13.7 billion on the year, which represented a 35 percent increase. The cloud as-a-service annual revenue run rate trended upward to $8.6 billion in 2016, a […]

Cloud trends: More businesses are adopting cloud managed services

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of US-based IT decision makers, 80 percent of US business will increase their use of cloud managed services in 2017. Why this commitment to managed services? At IBM InterConnect 2017, several customers will share their successes and lessons learned. There will also be subject matter experts and […]

US Army taps IBM for $62 million private cloud data center

For the United States Army, security is a top concern. It’s a big reason why it chose IBM to build out and manage a private cloud data center at its Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama. The contract for the data center would be worth $62 million over five years, if the Army exercises all its […]

Whose cloud is it, anyway? Find out at InterConnect 2017

Are you ready for the cloud event of the year? Get ready to meet cloud experts, problem-solvers and industry leaders you admire. Not to mention some very special guests—like TV star, improv legend and the next Aaron Burr in “Hamilton,” Wayne Brady. IBM is gearing up for InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas, where IBM will […]

ERPs and the coming cloud revolution

Change awaits some of the most hallowed ground in enterprise technology: enterprise resource plan (ERP) software and systems. ERP systems, many of which come from Oracle and SAP, are the glue that binds corporations. ERPs manage and integrate vital systems of record in areas such as planning, purchasing, sales, finance and human resources. These systems […]

P.L.M. Industries moves logistics beyond human error with cloud

According to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report, industry expert analysts estimated companies lost more than $30 billion a year due to cargo theft. Loss and theft are continuous, whether in the air, by train, or over the road with truckers. In the first quarter of 2016, Freight Watch International recorded 221 cargo thefts with […]

PeroxyChem builds a whole new IT infrastructure in less than five months

What sounds like a problem to some companies represents an opportunity for others. When PeroxyChem was divested from its parent company in 2014, the chemical manufacturer was given just one year to create a new IT infrastructure and department while maintaining day-to-day business functions. 40 percent management, 60 percent innovation When Jim Curley took over […]

Why analytics is a key tool for retail

Success in retail is contingent on offering the customer the right product in the right environment. Matching the two can be hard, since no two customers are the same, and external forces as diverse as catwalk trends and the weather affect demand and purchasing decisions. In the digital age, consumers interact with stores and service […]

How did we develop software without Docker?

Software developers have used container technology for some time now, but why is Docker so darn popular? With Docker, a developer can use a command to build everything needed to run an application into a single package. Docker’s developers built its API to fit seamlessly into most development and deployment workflows. Remember when it was […]

Cognitive computing assistant is a marketer’s new best friend

Fortune 1000 companies and other large enterprises manage data about website performance, customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms, just to name a few sources. They may also have data from e-commerce, point-of-sale, loyalty or guest systems, as well as reports and presentations: marketing plans, strategic plans, audience personas and research, media plans, and so […]