Explore IBM Cloud Orchestrator at InterConnect

To meet a wide range of business requirements, many companies build a complex multi-cloud environment. Managing multiple clouds used to be difficult. In 2017, is that still the case? It shouldn’t be. IBM offers a complete cloud management platform that simplifies management of multi-cloud environments. Developers can use the platform to build and run applications […]

Cloud-based genomics means fast, secure and affordable analytics

The big bottleneck for research centers and clinical labs doing genomic analysis no longer comes from the sequencing itself, but the data analysis. That’s why labs turn to Bluebee’s cloud-based genomics solution that flexibly and accurately supports scientific projects and patient diagnoses. Customers can analyze sequenced DNA or RNA data coming from any type of […]

3 types of companies harnessing the power of cloud

What if you could redefine your competitive position by enhancing your products or services?  What if you had access to unlimited computing resources to scale your business? What if you could invent a new customer need and own a new market? Cloud is the enabler that makes these scenarios possible. Five years ago, only a […]

The cloud stories you can’t miss at InterConnect

Should you stay home from an event where more than 20,000 representatives from potential customers and partners gathered in one place? Of course not. That’s why you absolutely must join me and my colleagues for IBM InterConnect. There are far too many benefits to name, but if you still need convincing that InterConnect is a […]

Cloud-based video analytics drive actionable insights

Keeping up with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of hours of video can be a difficult task for any enterprise, institution or service provider. Beyond just storage, extracting valuable insights from this seemingly unending and rapidly expanding pool of data might seem beyond impossible. Whether videos are generated in marketing campaigns, training videos, […]

Use cloud integration to build customer relationships

It’s no secret that the business world is changing rapidly. Sometimes it can seem like it’s changing faster than you can keep up. This pace is only going to continue to increase. New companies, and even new industries, appear every day. To stay competitive, you’ll need to create inventive and interactive customer experiences that bring […]

3 strategies to ready your organization for cloud-based innovation

After years of heeding warnings about being disrupted, giant corporations are now behaving like startups. At Allstate, for instance, projects that used to take a year are now turned around in a week. The cloud is driving this agile approach from the inside and the outside. Internally, cloud technologies have made it possible to try […]

Why you shouldn’t choose between agile and DevOps approaches

You may hear your IT department talking about implementing agile or DevOps development. Both promise better and faster software development through collaboration. How are they different, and which is better for your business? Agile software development principles enable developers to deliver new functionality quickly while responding to changing business requirements. Development teams deliver incremental features frequently, perhaps […]

At InterConnect 2017, create the perfect session agenda with help from Watson

Last month, I shared my top five reasons to attend InterConnect 2017. If you’re like me, you probably browsed the session topics. Seeing almost 2000 entries, you may have had an “oh man” moment. If you did, there’s a straightforward way of finding the sessions you’re interested in. Instead of paging through a lengthy list […]

Smarter Cities Challenge aims to make lasting urban improvements

Over the past few years, a lot of cities have made a lot of improvements. Memphis, Tennessee improved response times during health emergencies. Pingtung County, Taiwain implemented a smart microgrid for renewable energy. Syracuse, New York mobilized resources to find more homes for more people. Leaders in those particular cities developed the initial ideas, but […]

3 key ways streaming video helps with delivering tough corporate news

Whether it’s a lower-than-expected earnings period or layoffs, every company has to find a way to announce bad news. Historically, the news was delivered with a memo or in an in-person meeting, but these no longer suffice as workforces become increasingly distributed. Fortunately, the introduction of streaming video technology has upended how businesses communicate changes to large numbers of workers for the […]

IBM and VMware extend their partnership to IBM Business Partners

At IBM InterConnect 2016, IBM and VMware announced a strategic partnership to accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption. Since then, the two companies have jointly provided additional services and solutions for clients to optimize, integrate and extend their VMware environments to the cloud with ease and speed. This initiative has grown to include more than 1,000 […]