Why would a cloud expert be interested in a new DevOps tool?

I have been working on cloud infrastructures since before the hype over cloud computing. I have watched as the cloud matured from just being a way to get cheap Linux instances into a set of services that are literally changing the way we deliver IT forever. I have also witnessed the challenges enterprises face when […]

Why can’t all cloud providers deliver adequate security?

IT security is a top priority for most CIOs. After all, gaps in infrastructure could leave their companies and customers vulnerable to attacks. So when evaluating a cloud managed services provider, asking the right security questions can be critical in determining if the solution is a good fit. Choosing a cloud solution that meets a […]

Enterprise cloud strategy: Applications and data in a multi-cloud environment

Say you’ve decided to hedge your IT bets with a multi-cloud environment. That’s excellent, except, what’s your applications and data strategy? That’s not an idle question. The hard reality is that if you don’t coordinate your cloud environments, innovative applications will struggle to integrate with traditional systems. Cost management, security and compliance — like organizational […]

What, exactly, is the cloud?

Just what is cloud computing, and why should anyone care? As PC Mag defines it, cloud computing is the access of online material from a proverbial “cloud” of information rather than data retrieval from hard drives or other physical memory, such as flash drives or discs. Nevertheless, the cloud is merely a concept. It’s important […]

What traditional enterprises should know about object storage

Object storage is often a tale of two cities. If you run a cloud savvy organization or develop cloud-native applications, you get it and you employ it. Think of mobile applications we use each day: social mobile, collaborative applications in which object storage is foundational. On the other hand, if you represent an enterprise, corporation […]

American Airlines soars into cloud with IBM

American Airlines, the largest passenger air carrier in North America, announced this week that it has chosen IBM as a cloud provider. Specifically, the airline intends to move some of its applications to the cloud and make use of IBM infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) tools. The agreement also means American will have access to […]

Bluemix Local System can help banks ease operational pressures and boost innovation

The banking sector is facing some tough challenges. New entrants into the sector are quickly gaining customers through innovative services and because of increasingly stringent regulations. The urge for greater operational agility in response to new business models and rapidly evolving customer preferences is made even stronger by the market’s disruptor/disrupted scenario. Many banks’ lack […]

How a mobile development platform can help IT pros cut through clutter

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of mobile gadgets you see every day? If so, you are not alone. In 2015, the total number of mobile devices worldwide (7.9 billion) eclipsed the world’s population (7.4 billion). Though smartphone manufacturers often pitch their products as if they are fashion accessories, a recent study by […]

3 retailers transform their IT environments with cloud managed hosting

The speed of retail is faster than ever. As technological innovation fuels change in consumer habits and unprecedented growth in global markets, a strategic approach to IT is increasingly important for success in retail. Today’s customers enjoy a wide variety of buying options, which means that service outages and other technology-related issues may cause   more […]

Cognitive for the greater good at the Watson Developer Conference

Three years ago, I decided to learn how to code. A large part of the reason why I decided to embark on a career in tech was to empower myself with the ability to create an application, thereby providing value to society. I was reminded once again why I chose to go down this route […]

Surviving Black Friday and holiday shopping with cloud

Just as steel is strengthened through the application of heat, human character is “strengthened” through surviving the crucible of the holiday shopping season. My family has attempted to take me shopping in the wee hours of the morning on “Black Friday,” the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday, to no avail.  I’ve seen enough news […]

Great mobile applications come from a great mobile development platform

Users increasingly expect more and more from their mobile applications. Where mobile apps once simply supplemented a larger application with useful-but-limited functionality, they now — in many cases — have become the key interface that drives sales or user adoption of a service because they offer an “any time, any place” experience. Increased functionality has […]