Direct Link facilitates secure and scalable hybrid clouds

Many organizations use cloud computing services to reduce information technology (IT) costs and take advantage of new business opportunities. For enterprises that have traditionally built and operated (or leased) their own IT infrastructure, the proliferation of mobile and web applications, ever-increasing sources of data, and easy access to advanced cloud analytics have created an application […]

Cognitive computing is driving ROI on cloud

A driving force in cloud adoption is the cost savings one gets from eliminating physical servers, then migrating applications and data into the cloud. This reduces up-front capital expenditures (CAPEX) and enables budget planning that is based around operating expenditures (OPEX) and on-demand service provisioning. Undoubtedly this propels pricing competition among major cloud service providers. […]

New data center brings security, integration and choice to Nordic region

Demand for turnkey cloud solutions is on the rise in the Nordic countries. By 2019, the cloud market is expected to reach a whopping $18 billion. Enterprises in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland aren’t just looking for cloud capabilities, though. They’re also looking for ways to ensure security, perform hybrid integration and choose the […]

Go agile to slash costs, reduce failure rates and speed deployments

Continuous deployment is the mainstay of a DevOps practice. Because accelerated delivery of software services is linked to business growth and innovation, it’s becoming de facto as companies pursue digital transformation. But if you’re somewhat new to agile-based continuous deployment, you’re probably wondering about things such as app quality, speed and delivery, not to mention […]

A practical guide to platform as a service: Acquiring and using PaaS

Fully embracing platform as a service (PaaS) implies a number of technical and organizational changes for customers. While it may be possible to port an existing, non-cloud-based application to use a PaaS environment, this is not likely to realize major benefits. A certain degree of change is required at the technological level, and perhaps a […]

IBM Cloud SVP: Cloud is moving into its next phase of innovation

During the first wave of cloud computing, many organizations viewed it as little more than a way to cut costs, but now, they’re seeing it as something far more versatile. In an interview with Network World, IBM Cloud Senior Vice President Robert LeBlanc said, “I think we’re moving to the next phase of cloud and […]

The retailer cloud journey: An incremental climb

As a Cloud Advisor who supports several retail clients, it’s impressive to see a company mature in its cloud adoption and realize true value in its business transformation. One such story is of a major U.S. retailer’s journey to cloud. It’s a story that’s still being written.  But how did this story begin? It started […]

Travel and transportation in the cloud cognitive era

In my capacity as a Cloud Advisor, I’ve had several discussions with clients in the travel and transportation (T&T) industry over the past 18 months. During one initial discussion with a large airline, the client’s enterprise architect posed a targeted question to the IBM team: “What are the industry disruptors and what can we do […]

How VMware and IBM offer choice with consistency

There are still questions about the strategic partnership between VMware and IBM announced back in February. Many centered around two things: How much IBM will invest to ensure this partnership can scale and provide real value to both existing and new customers, as well as how the partnership would fit into the IBM vision of […]

How hybrid cloud management accelerates business

Global CEOs recognize cloud as critical to their business and understand that it is not always easy to manage their cloud infrastructures. Organizations should be able to jump in and react quickly to changing demands, scale resources on the fly and accelerate performance across diverse resources. Automation and orchestration solutions are critical technologies to address […]

Can a secure private cloud excel in an on-premises VMware environment?

IT departments have a lot on their plates. A typical IT department managing workloads and systems is measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) including security, addressing service failures, restoring systems quickly, minimizing the mean time to repair, helping improve staff efficiency by being proactive and not reactive, aiming for a faster deployment of services, minimizing […]

Using IBM Cloud, KLM Open mobile app gives fans real-time access

Every September, 40,000-plus fans and visitors come to the KLM Open, the oldest golf tournament on the European Tour. To keep all these visitors engaged over the four-day event, KLM Open strives each year to improve the live experience for fans by creating new features to their mobile application. Golf has never been the kind […]