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IBM Cloud Databases at Think 2019

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Learn about database technologies at Think 2019

Every company depends on digital information to support every function of its business, and new business applications are demanding faster access to information, real-time data, and better support for unstructured or semi-structured data. Although databases remain central to storing, processing, and accessing digital business information, moving to a fully managed, cloud-native, open source database is a critical opportunity to lower total cost of infrastructure ownership, accelerate application development, and eradicate licensing fees.

Developers are no longer building applications with a “one-size-fits-all” monolithic database, but rather are looking for a range of database technologies to best analyze various types of structured data. Building with a polyglot architecture while planning for rapid growth can be costly and challenging. In addition, with so many different types of specialized databases out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are right for your workloads.

IBM Cloud will be hosting several database sessions at Think 2019 in San Francisco (February 12–15, 2019), with expert speakers, customer stories, and time for your questions:

  • Choosing the Right Databases for Your Cloud Native Application, session 7435, by Jozef de Vries, Benjamin Anderson
  • A Deep-Dive on IBM Cloud Databases, session 6723A, by Jozef de Vries, Chris Glew
  • Bringing Enterprise Scale and Security to IBM Cloudant, session 6722, by Michael C. Breslin, and Rakesh Kulangara 

Monolithic databases can no longer be relied upon to effectively serve the ever-growing demand for efficient and secure information access. Join us at Think 2019 to learn how you can reduce your operating costs while accelerating app production and worry less about the headaches of hardware and software provisioning.

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