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Elinar Takes the Mystery out of GDPR with help from IBM Cloud and Watson

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Even though GDPR May 25 deadline has come and gone, many companies are still scrambling to meet compliance.  Here at Elinar, we are busier than ever. Our data discover solution, AI Miner, built with Watson APIs, for use on the IBM Cloud platform, can quickly uncover mysterious data with a quick scan on your data mass for records which have privacy settings that need updating to meet GDPR compliance.

That’s a lot of data!

By the year 2020 the world will have 40,000 exabytes of data, yet in 2012, only .5% of the world’s data was analyzed. Today, about 80% of business data is unstructured. That means it does not have a pre-defined data model (or not organized) and thus is not easily analyzed and put to use by your business.  Enter Elinar.  We help people capture and manage critical business data and turn it into meaningful business value.

Solving the Mystery Quickly and Easily

Sorting through hundreds of terabytes of global data sources, including data that lives on Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, File Servers and CRM systems is no easy task.  However, many local government entities (municipalities) in Sweden are having success by being able to scan all of their relevant data sources with astonishing speed and accuracy by leveraging a common application interface that serves all Swedish Municipalities. Another global company combines Watson and Elinar.AI with Watson Explorer to crawl, index and analyse hundreds of terabytes and prepare it for Actionable Privacy Data. Once unstructured data is identified as privacy data, companies are able to act and become fully compliant with GDPR privacy regulations.  And, they can use the previously untouched data in advanced analytics for business insights right away.

About Elinar

We make privacy data discovery easy.  By leveraging artificial intelligence provided by Watson and running on IBM Cloud, Elinar’s AI solution helps companies to effortlessly and reliably scan all of their data sources to discover unstructured data at very high speed so it can be actioned for GDPR compliance.

Getting Help

If you are a company located in the Nordics and are still struggling with GDPR compliance, contact us.  We have specialists in Pori and Helskini (Finland), Oslo (Norway) and Solna (Sweden). Our skilled partners offer our GDPR and Privacy Mining solutions all over Europe and The Americas. Or leave me a comment or question in this blog and I will gladly answer you.

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