Building Your Decoder Ring At CloudNativeCon

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Today I’m blogging from ISTIO Day at CloudNativeCon in Austin.

IBM has a whole cache of event activities for attendees looking to unlock the secrets to accelerated DevOps, container ops, distributed logging, container security, microservices, and serverless computing. We’ll also have tips & tricks for building cloud native.  Coming out of the conference, developers will have a decoder ring for navigating that intersection where cloud meets their application backlog.

IBM has an enterprise-grade sandbox for creating and transforming apps, regardless of whether your team’s cloud environment is public, private, or hybrid. We build on open source platforms like Kubernetes for customization, ease of use, and accelerated innovation. That sandbox enables:

  • The full suite of compute choices for your glue code and packaging, including bare metal, virtual machine, serverless, containers, and run-times.
  • Automated DevTest and CI/CD to minimize rework, so you can spend more time coding to innovate, and less time coding to fix bugs.
  • On-demand access to a complete collection of cloud services, free for prototyping and experimentation, including databases, AI, IOT, and Blockchain. Choose to automatically integrate them into your app.

Stop by our CloudNativeCon booth Wednesday thru Friday,  and compare notes with fellow Devs on our product team.

Your IBM Cache At CloudNativeCon

Tuesday, December 5

8:30AM-5:00PM: ISTIO Day Hands-On-Lab/Ask Me Anything, jointly conducted by IBM and Google

5:00PM-8:00PM: Happy Hour sponsored by IBM, Google, and Tigera


Wednesday, December 6

11:10AM-11:45AM: Kubernetes, Cloud Native and the Public Cloud moderated by Dan Kohn, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (Panel)

11:10AM-11:45AM: Ask Me Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh (Panel)

11:55AM-12:30PM: Embedding the Containerd Runtime for Fun and Profit

11:55AM-12:30PM: Istio: Weaving the Service Mesh


Thursday, December 7

11:10AM-11:45AM: Deploying Kubernetes Without Scaring Off Your Security Team

11:10AM-11:45AM: State of Serverless


Friday, December 8

11:55AM-12:30PM: Istio: Sailing to a Secure Services Mesh

 2:45PM-3:20PM: Reliable Application Roll Out and Operations with Istio

 3:40PM-4:15PM: Enable your Microservices with Advanced Resiliency and Fault Tolerance Leveraging Istio


Take The Technology For A Test Drive

You: Choose from a list of scenarios, from Spring Boot to Cassandra to a pizza-ordering chatbot

Us: We’ll provide architectural diagrams, a git repo, step-by-step instructions and the occasional demo for practical application

Product Marketing for IBM PaaS

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