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Webinar: Effectively monitoring and scaling apps with Kubernetes

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Ideally, dev teams, by rapidly developing and iterating their applications based on end user behavior, figure out how to deliver delightful experiences to their end users. When that happens, the apps must scale well and fast.

Since the lucky DevOps team doesn’t want to spend all of its time managing a successful app, the key to effective scaling is automating operations wherever possible. To do that requires understanding the characteristics of workloads as they scale. Comprehensive monitoring becomes an essential first step, especially when enterprise workloads simultaneously run in multiple clouds.

In this webinar, Senior Technical Offering Manager Chris Rosen from IBM provides background on Kubernetes orchestration and takes us through setting up a Kubernetes container cluster. Co-founder of CoScale Frederic Ryckbosh then shows us how to prepare the new cluster for comprehensive monitoring with agents. Chris and Frederick will answer your questions at the end of their presentation.

What you’ll learn:

  • An overview of container technology with emphasis on Kubernetes
  • How to setup a managed Kubernetes cluster and why
  • How to setup integrated agent-based monitoring and its benefits

 Questions and Answers

Following the live webinar, and as it continues to be available on demand, we will update this post with the Q/A discussion between presenters and audience. Bookmark this post for easy access to that ongoing discussion.

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