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A bet on cloud pays big

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Sonian thrives as a pioneer of cloud-based email archiving

When Sonian launched its cloud-based email archiving solution in 2007, the company was ahead of the curve. “Our founders took a bet that cloud was going to be the future for how enterprises store and retrieve information,” says Derek Peplau, Sonian Vice President of Marketing. “We like to think that we were cloud before it was cool.” Considering the current mass adoption of cloud computing models, it’s a bet that paid off big. “We’ve seen the model proven out,” says Peplau. “And we’ve been there since day one.”

Migrating to the Cloud

Initially hosting its archiving platform in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment, Sonian saw an opportunity to extend its offering to a broader customer base. “We had an opportunity to tighten up our partnership with IBM and leverage SoftLayer cloud infrastructure,” says Ryan Tacy, Sonian Director of Enterprise Sales. Sonian migrated its archiving solution to SoftLayer cloud infrastructure hosted in Asia, Europe and North America, launching its offering through the IBM Cloud online marketplace. “We’ve seen some pretty significant growth,” says Tacy. “The number of customers we support has grown exponentially.” The SoftLayer cloud platform provides the scalable, high-performance technology Sonian needs to power its archiving solution. “As a customer generates data, the capabilities of our platform adjust accordingly,” says Tacy. “And our search performance completely outpaces what traditional on-premises archiving solutions can deliver.” Sonian now has its sights set on further evolving its platform. “SoftLayer and other IBM technologies within the SoftLayer cloud give us a lot of potential as an organization,” says Tacy. “We’re now able to think about how customers can uniquely leverage their data.” “The next step is looking at the unrealized or untapped potential in customer data,” Peplau adds. “How can our customers make better use of the information they’re paying to store? What insights can be derived from it?” Tools and support from IBM will play an instrumental role in Sonian’s future developments. “Platforms like IBM Bluemix and other IBM technologies inside the cloud allow a company like ours to not only offer insight but provide different ways for customers to use and share data,” says Tacy. “Being able to take advantage of the broader IBM community is a great enabling factor in considering these kinds of moves.”

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