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Why is bandwidth important?

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speed bandwidthIf all you’re doing in the cloud is storing data on servers, bandwidth isn’t really a big deal. But if you are transferring data from one location to another, it’s a very big deal. And if you’re transferring a lot of data, then it’s a really, really big deal.

Why? Because bandwidth determines how much data can travel your network at one time.

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Bandwidth affects almost every industry


Need quick access to wellness information to enable proactive care? Or maybe you need immediate access to curated, evidence-based disease-specific content? You’re going to need some bandwidth for that.

Financial services

Transferring money? Calculating large mortgage interest rates? You’re going to need some bandwidth for that.


Maybe your new product took off overnight, causing a surge in traffic to your online store? You’re definitely going to need some extra bandwidth for that.

Obviously, bandwidth is not the end-all, be-all of cloud performance. It takes a village, so to speak. Everything from the star of cloud computing—high powered servers, of course—to the backup dancers (load balancing solutions, appropriately configured RAM, hard drives, storage, adding GPUs) all need to work together to provide an optimal cloud experience.

Configuring your cloud solution with the appropriate amount of bandwidth can accelerate your cloud performance. Not enough bandwidth? Well, you might as well go back to dial-up.

The Bluemix network

Successful cloud performance is not only measured by the amount of bandwidth you provision, but also by the network’s capabilities. Our network has more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity—meaning your data can travel fast. Add in our three networks (public, private and management) that segregate data across separate network interfaces, and it gets it even easier to secure and streamline your cloud environment for better performance.

Move more data. For free.

Regardless of your industry, if you need to move more data faster, you need more bandwidth. Got heavy content, big data, large calculations? Running your own cloud hosting environment? Setting up VDI across offices around the world? Need to solve complex problems?

Well, you’re in luck. For a limited time, get 10TB of bandwidth free on v1 servers and 5TB of bandwidth free on v3 servers.

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Oh, and the fine print

Offer valid while supplies last. Offer ends September 30th, 2017. Offer valid for the life of the server on monthly v1 and v3 servers only. Cannot be combined with any other promos or offers. Valid on new customer accounts only and cannot be applied to existing customer discounts. Promo can be extended to multiple servers of the same configuration only.

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