Webinar: P.L.M. Industries and IBM Garage build a freight logistics app

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Are you curious how practices like Design Thinking, pair programming, and other agile methods truly transform the development process of an application?

The IBM Bluemix Garage puts these practices into action by partnering with clients to build applications to solve real business problems, with a focus on the end-user.

The best way to learn about how the IBM Bluemix Garage works is to hear about the experience from their clients.

P.L.M Industries recently partnered with the Garage to build an application to help solve the issue of lost and stolen freight that leads to over $30 billion dollars in losses every year.

Join us on December 6th to learn more about P.L.M. Industries’ experience with IBM Design Thinking and the IBM Bluemix Garage.

Want to get a preview of the P.L.M. Industries story? Watch the video below about their IBM Bluemix Garage experience.

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