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The IBM Cloud delivers a new way to work. The tiered business approach allows scalability to IT leaders with a mix of self-managed infrastructure, a catalog of services and APIs on Bluemix, and over 100 ready-to-deploy business applications.


Bluemix is IBM’s open platform for building enterprise applications tailored for your industry. Use our open source code on Bluemix, then pair it with services and apps to enhance and expand your application. Explore these sample apps and open services you can use to enhance the capabilities of your enterprise application and deploy it in the cloud. Explore these sample apps and open services you can use to enhance the capabilities of your enterprise application and deploy it in the cloud.

One of those open services is the services available to you is object storage. This is useful as it is built on the open-source API, and can be used to handle user uploads. Learn how to get started with this service with the quick demo below!


Become part of an open source community of enterprise application developers. Share your work, join a project, grow your expertise. Want to get started? Learn how to build a real-time chat application using Node-RED and Bluemix with this quick how-to video!

Disruptors recompose their business to innovate with new-found speed. As the #1 provider of hybrid cloud for the enterprise, IBM offers expertise and an open-by-design cloud that enables the composable business with: developer productivity, integration and portability, data and analytics, and visibility, control, and security. Learn more about the hybrid cloud.

IBM Dynamic Cloud Security is the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of cloud security products and services. IBM security professionals understand the challenges that come with migrating to the cloud. IBM expertise and ideas will help you build an exceptional integrated security strategy for today and the future. Learn how IBM Cloud Security can help you.

What exactly is Open Cloud? IBM Cloud is Open By Design:

We are experts in supporting and building open technology. We also spearheaded the creation of OpenStack Foundation, CloudFoundry, Node.js Foundation, and more.

From banking, to healthcare and everything in between. Bluemix industry applications are able to support your business needs by allowing developers to code smarter, and always open. Learn more by viewing some of the impressive sample apps on GitHub and start your free 30 day Bluemix trial today!

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