Hands-on with Hadoop in Minutes

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With the advent of IBM Bluemix, it has never been easier to start playing with Hadoop – Specifically IBM’s Analytics for Hadoop. The IBM Analytics for Hadoop Bluemix service allows developers to leverage the power of IBM’s Hadoop offering, BigInsights to power the latest mobile, web and cloud applications. It also provides an opportunity for enterprise IT administrators who are looking to adopt Hadoop, to explore the rich enterprise features which BigInsights provides.

If you are new to Hadoop technology and want to get hands on quick – You have come to the right place. We will get you signed up, loaded and analyzing data sets in 4 simple steps. Note: If you are already have a Bluemix account, skip to the latter half of Step 1 (2:25 in the video).

Step 1 – Signing into Bluemix and starting Analytics for Hadoop
Step 2 – Navigating the BigInsights console
Step 3 – Loading data into BigInsights
Step 4 – Exploring data with BigSheets

To go right to the Analytics for Hadoop Service, click here.

If you are an experienced Hadoop user and want to see what BigInsights can do for you (and your organization) feel free to try out these simple tutorials for the Analytics for Hadoop offering, but I’d suggest that you head on over to our BigInsights for Hadoop Community and dive into the hands on labs that we offer – digging into the latest on text analytics, Big SQL and advanced topics like social media and machine data analytics.

With that being said, the vids to get started are below:

Step 1:
Signing into Bluemix and starting Analytics for Hadoop

Step 2:
Navigating the BigInsights console

Step 3:
Loading data into BigInsights

Step 4:
Exploring data with BigSheets

Once you have completed these simple tutorials – Please head on over to our BigInsights for Hadoop Community where we will take your education to the next level with more advanced hands on labs, videos and developer assets. Also connect with our resident Big Data & Analytics experts and attend one of our many in person events.

Text Analytics Lab for BluemixIn addition to the BigInsights for Hadoop Community we are continuously adding Bluemix specific Hadoop tutorials in developerWorks and one of the more recent advanced labs is: Performing text analytics with Bluemix analytics services. We will keep the master list updated in the BigInsights for Hadoop Community.

Any questions, comments or things to add – please feel free to connect with us on our BigInsights forum

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IBM BigInsights for Hadoop Community

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