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Our birthday wish: Your thoughts on IBM Field Notes

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It’s been just over a year since we started publishing our clients’ stories and insights here on IBM Client Success Field Notes. The blog was launched to provide our clients and IBM Business Partners an online home to more personally share successes, stories and lessons learned about implementing IBM technologies and solutions.

IBMers have also written about their personal experiences working with and meeting clients, conducting important research and witnessing industry-innovating solutions across a host of countries and solution areas.

Feedback is crucial

We’re so very grateful to our clients, IBM Business Partners and colleagues who have been so generous with their time documenting their experiences and posting results here on IBM Field Notes. As we look for stories of interest and build out our editorial calendar, we’re always seeking input and feedback to take this blog to the next level and build a larger audience who finds value in learning across companies and industries.

Some of our stories reflect the feedback we’ve received along the way. For example, after hearing from clients that real-world examples of cognitive solutions would be most helpful, we sought out stories that demonstrated the growing breadth of cognitive insights. Some cognitive client highlights are included in these popular posts:

Other blog posts have illustrated the global nature of today’s technology solutions and how clients are bridging time zones to solve difficult challenges. These client success stories include:

Time to share your thoughts

Now that we’ve been working on the blog for a year, we’d like to hear your thoughts on IBM Field Notes. Let us know how we are doing and what we could do better. Here are some thought-starter questions to get you thinking:

  • What industries and solutions are most interesting to you?
  • What kind of real-world client success stories give you the most insights? For example, do you prefer industry round-up posts, blog posts with videos and/or case studies, or client success stories that come straight from our IBM clients or Business Partners?
  • What do you like best about IBM Client Success Field Notes?
  • In what areas could we improve?
  • Are you interested in sharing your story?

Please let me know your thoughts by email. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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